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Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC

W.A.R.C. REGULAR MEETING – Apr 12, 2017

The Meeting was brought to order at 7:05 p.m. with President Kevin (VE1 KEV) in the chair. Twenty-two members and guests were present. Introductions were made around the table.  

Regrets: Rick (VE9 RWS); Terry (VE9 TER) Bill (VE9 JMP).

Minutes From the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the March 2017 regular meeting were posted on the WARC website and distributed in the Newsletter. It was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Peter (VE1 SM) that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

Business Arising From the Minutes:

Jim (VE1 JBL) provided an update to the question about RAC insurance coverage.

He said he was told everyone attending an event such as Field Day would be covered, including family members.

Dana (VE1 VOX) quoted from the RAC website:

“….All members of a radio club, whether RAC members or not, will be covered for club activities should their radio club choose to participate in the insurance program. Participants in club activities hosted by a radio club are also insured against liability during those activities in the event of accidents or damage, even if they themselves are not club members….”

New Business:

Jerry (VE1 KW) brought in an oscilloscope and an electronic keyer, donated by Terry (VE9 TER).

Treasurer's Report:

Jim (VE1 JBL) presented the Treasurer’s Report.

It was moved/seconded by Jim (VE1 JBL)/Ron (VE1 BBB) that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried.


Jim (VE1 JBL) had received an email from the MAARC regarding an auction and fleamarket on April 17th.

Field Day:

Jon VE1 JSG reported that the Truro Club was not planning to do much this year for Field Day. He noted that it has now been four years since the WARC had an actual field day.

Bob (VE1 EDP) said he had placed the County Building on standby for Field Day the last couple of years, but it had been cancelled at the last minute.

Technical & Operating Information ( formerly Education ):

Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

Public Service:

The Cross-Border Challenge race is scheduled for the end of June. More details will be provided at the May meeting.


Peter (VE1 SM) reported no problems.

Web page:

Jim (VE1 JBL) said the SMART Symposium had been added to the WARC website. He is updating it daily. He said 58 had already signed up, and the list will be finalized on Saturday April 15th. If there is a good turnout, it will be moved to the Springhill Community Centre.

Dana (VE1 VOX) noted that if the location is changed, he would have to change the draw location for the DMR radio raffle.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

President’s Report:

Nothing to report.


Mike (VE1 XDT) said Peter had 28 checkins the previous Monday. He is now making up a new preamble, with linkup procedures etc.


Lorne (VE1 BXK) reported a problem with the VE1NET packet repeater on Kirk Hill. A fuse had blown on the DC power supply, possibly due to some lightning activity. The NAVCOM link was also down.

He had also met with Kevin (VE1 KEV) and Mike (VE1 XDT) at the DMR repeater site in Springhill and replaced the router. He said the repeater is now working better.

Lorne said they were still having problems with the UHF link from Salem to Sand River. A lightning arrestor had been installed.

Brad (VE1 ZX) said the Province now has set a new standard for their radio sites. A new Fusion repeater is operational in Hammonds Plains (VE1 HPR). An APRS unit is being installed in a Seaside site on Economy Mountain. Lorne noted that it is “spotty” due to a bad antenna.

Unfinished Business:

Dana (VE1 VOX) brought in the DMR radio to be used in the upcoming raffle. He has also acquired some secondary prizes including gift cards from Radio World. RAC has donated a membership and. Bel-Air Technologic has donated a second DMR radio, and Durham Radio has donated a repeater directory and a shipping voucher.

New Business:

The WARC honored Jerry (VE1 KW) with a Lifetime Membership and a cake for his 60 years as a licensed radio operator.

Jerry passed his D.O.T. exam in April 1957. He said his most interesting contact had been on CW with Rick (W6WUB) who was both blind and deaf. He used a needle on a speaker to “feel” the CW transmissions.

Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.

Sick and Visiting:

Nothing to report.


The May Brunch will be held in Parrsboro at the Harbourview on the 13th. There will not be a Brunch in June, July and August.

The 50-50 ($26.00) was won by Ron (VE1 BBB).

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, May 10th 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Municipality of Cumberland Building in Upper Nappan.

Adjournment: 8:02 pm.                      Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC) Secretary