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Symposium for Maritime
 Amateur Radio Techs

“To provide insight into the technical and procedural aspects of amateur radio operation.”


S.M.A.R.T. 2018 tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 28th.


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From Jim VE1JBL May 1st, 2017

 2017 Symposium for Maritime Amateur Radio Technicians

Well after rain threaten to put a damper on things the sun came out early Saturday morning on Apr.29th, for the 2017 Symposium of Maritime Amateur Radio Technicians (S.M.A.R.T.) hosted by the WestCumb ARC in Amherst NS.
This year's event was held at the Dr.Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill Nova Scotia.
Amateurs started to arrive at 7am and began setting up their displays in the large foyer.
Treva Hebb & Jo-Ann Reynolds looked after the Registration table and prepared name tags. There were tables set up for tickets to buy prizes including digital radios and 50/50 tickets thanks to Dana Rushton VE1VOX, Don Roland VE1AOE and Jim Hannon VE1AFH. Thanks to Belair Technologic, N3FJP-Scot Davis, Durham Radio, Radioworld and RAC for the prizes.
Dave Goodwin VE9CB Atlantic Director for the Radio Amateurs of Canada and Len Morgan VE9MY Manager of the RAC National Incoming QSL Bureau manned the RAC table. Dave also gave a presentation later in the day on behalf of RAC.
John Scott VE1JS had a table and was available to check DXCC, WAS, VUCC and WAC cards, if required. He also did identity checks for those wishing to join LoTW.
Ron MacKay VE1AIC from PEI was there again this year displaying and operating many digital modes. His hotspots were running Fusion on UHF, DMR on VHF, and D-Star on another UHF channel all at the same time.
Brad Ross VE1ZX also had a table set up to demonstrate his Fusion repeater VE1BFB.
Bernie Cormier VE9BGC had a table showing off the upper part of his vertical with radials. It is design for the 20m/15m band. All together it is 32 feet tall.
Coffee from Tim Horton's, tea, muffins, cinnamon rolls and cookies greeted the amateurs when the doors opened at 8am. There were 90 amateurs who registered online before the event and 85 attended. We also had two walk-ins for a total of 87 hams.
Classes began at 9am in two separate rooms and ran smoothly throughout the day thanks to Yvon Hachey VE1VON who kept the presenters to their allotted time and prepared the rooms for each class.
Classes were shutdown during lunch hour between 12 noon and 1pm for the very popular WestCumb ARC Barbecue. Kevin Burke VE1KEV President of the WARC, Mike Masters VE1XDT Vice-President and Robert Mannette worked the barbecues and did a great job throughout the hour. Treva Hebb and Jo-Ann Reynolds changed hats and gave out the burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks to the nearly 100 amateurs, volunteers and maintenance workers who helped out during the day.
During the break many amateurs took the opportunity to explore the latest Nova Scotia Public Safety & Field Communications vehicle which was brought up to the event thanks to Al Cyples VE1CYP.
Also at this time the new "Out of Trunk" flea market was active with many amateurs making deals buying & selling.
Before heading back in for afternoon classes all amateurs surrounded the PSFC vehicle and a group picture was taken. Also Mike Johnson VE1MWJ Cumberland REMO Manager showed off the county's drone and took pictures of the group from overhead. At 1pm classes began again and continued till after 5pm when the final classes from CANWARN and Radio Amateurs of Canada were presented.
Thanks to Bob Robichaud VE1MBR from the Atlantic Storm and Prediction Centre in Dartmouth for presenting the CANWARN course. Other presenters included Jean-Paul Leblanc VE9BK, Bernie Cormier VE9BGC, Steve Frost VE9SF, Brent Taylor VY2HF, Sean Bridge VE1XOP, Al Penney VO1NO,  Jerry Arsenault VE9CD, Jim Fisher VE1JF, Tom Sisk, Mike Masters VE1XDT, Bill Karle VE1YY and Dave Goodwin VE9CD.
I would like to thank the organizing committee for another great event including Mike Johnson VE1MWJ, Kevin Burke VE1KEV, Bernie Cormier VE1BGC, Yvon Hachey VE1VON, George Dewar VY2GF.
We would also like to thank the County of Cumberland, Heather Laurie Event Coordinator at the Community Centre, Joel Stone, Donald Bird, John Parsons and other staff for all their help throughout the day and made us feel at home.
Last but not least a big Thank You to Treva Hebb and Jo-Ann Reynolds for looking after the Registration table and also helping to feed the hungry hams at lunch time. Greatly appreciated.

Please fill out the response form below. Be honest because even if it is negative it will help us to be better prepared for next year.

Click on Presentation to view.

Brent Taylor VY2HF Presentation - Amateur satellites
J.P. LeBlanc VE9BK Presentation - Contesting for the average amateur
Mike Masters VE1XDT - DMR Demystified / with thanks to Don Trynor VA3XFT
Bernie Cormier VE9BGC - Noise
Jerry Arsenault VE9CD - Getting Started with JT65 on the HF bands


Thanks for a great symposium. Great fun and very informative

Nice to meet so many fellow hams!

Ken Ellis VY2IX - Souris PEI
As a speaker and participant at the first and second SMART, I praise the organizers, presenters, and participants for engendering a grand event two years in a row and an event that favourably compares to those of more 'well healed' organizations! A two day event sounds enticing. However, it needs to be weighed against the effect of added participant costs (e.g.: hotel, food, etc. costs) that might decrease the day 2 audience. As well, staging costs could double while revenue might not. SMART will do well to continue to emphasize the technical and scientific frontiers of the hobby by featuring content on VLF, LF, and u-wave communications; on SDR and DSP; on small computers (e.g.: Raspberry PI, Arduino, etc.) and microprocessors applications; and, weak signal and low SNR communications. Thank you.

Bill Karle VE1YY - Lantz NS

First, a great job done by the organizers and presenters. The topics were covered with thoroughness and expertise. The audio part needs some consideration. A wireless headset and microphone for use by the presenter would make a lot of sense even if it was rented for the occasion. Perhaps a link from the presenters title to another page that might describe the contents would be worthwhile. Looking forward to next years event.

Jerry Arsenault VE9CD - Fredericton NB

Hats off to the organizers and presenters for pulling off a real class act. I would like to comment on a suggestion made by Len VE9MY. I like the idea of having a synopsis available for each presentation posted online before the symposium. I have mixed feelings about making S.M.A.R.T a two day event, although I am open to being persuaded. Looking forward to next year.

Steve Frost VE9SF - Saint Philippe NB

I learned a great deal at the symposium, and really enjoyed the social aspect as well. Superb presentations, esp by Bernie Cormier on EM noise and the MESH presentation. Also, displays in the lobby were excellent. I think the key is to avoid repetition each year. Great organization, venue, and BBQ. Thank you Westcumb for hosting what has become the premiere ham radio event in Atlantic Canada.

Bill Sproul VA1BIL - Wilmot NS

I mostly attended sessions in room B. A basic mike & loudspeaker should be available to hear all the speakers discussion and audience questions. - A 2 day event would be welcomed. So many ham topics are available to enrich our hobby and community service. - Make sure that you charge enough to cover unexpected costs. - A possible topic for 2018 could be efficient portable operations, equipment, antennas, operational aids, etc.

Art Gunn VE9BP - Fredericton NB

I would have liked the Microcontrolers to more Raspberry Pi and Arduino oriented.

Alan Beck VY2XU - Montague PEI

Great day, very well organized and certainly due to the hard work of the organizers. Would like to throw out another suggestion, that of making the vent a two-day event. I found I was having to decide between presentations, A or B and wanting to attend both. Having the presentations on the Web site will help in that matter. With an extended event, it would allow for possibly more presentations. For some time there has been some discussion on a combined area fleamarket. The SMART, could be the basis of such an event. I know it is easy to make suggestions without any thought of the logistics of such, but I am willing to help if it is felt this suggestion is viable.

Len Morgan VE9MY - Baxters Corner NB

The SMART day was GREAT. The only suggestion I have would be two lines at the food tables(one on each side) and two tongs for people to do their own. Otherwise....perfect. Loved the time keeper. Great Planning.

Linda Friars VE9GLF - Baxters Corner NB

Well Done to the organizing committee for a excellent symposium. Location is excellent. As a presenter, it would of been nice to have a pointer. In the large room, the projector could be put further away from the screen in order to get a larger image.

J.P. LeBlanc VE9BK - Lutes Mountain NB

An excellent event in all respects. Congratulations to all the organizers and presenters.

Hal Rodd VE1LV - Truro NS

I really enjoyed the day at SMART. Great range of topics which were all interesting, and made it somewhat difficult to decide which one to attend. All facilitators were very well informed of their topic. Everything was well timed, just like a "well oiled machine". The organizers have to be complimented on their planning. The venue for the event was excellent. Bottom line for me, is to keep up the great work if a 3rd annual is being proposed. 73..Sterling

Sterling Carpenter VE9SK - New Maryland NB

Everything is perfect. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks. 73.

Ankit Patel VA1NMQ - Halifax NS

Great event again this year. Enjoyed the presentations I attended. I was wondering if it might be possible to get PPP or PDF files of the presentations made available that way we could at least get a chance to see what we missed in the presentations we were not able to attend. I agree with Doug VE1DFG the lady serving the burgers should have had rubber gloves and tongs.

Dave Hull VE1HUL - Truro NS

It truly was a great day, met lots of new amateurs took in some classes, and it was an honor to BBQ for some really awesome people. Cant wait to see what kind of plans we come up with for the 2018 one. Stay tuned.. and 73.

Kevin Burke VE1KEV - Amherst NS

What a fantastic day of interesting presentations with fellow hams! A big thank you to the organizing committee. The day was busy but not rushed. I have a page and a half of notes to check out online. Just one suggestion - some seating outside in the food area would have been helpful for the older amateurs. Most of us can stand, eat and chat though. Will look forward to next year's event. This venue is perfect for it. ~73 to all.

Jim Cleveland VE1CHI - Crowes Mills NS

Things went well. Registration would have been quicker and simpler if the lists and the piles of name tags if the lists and piles were in alphabetical order!! Perhaps a session on basic, every day operation for newbies could be considered for next year.

John Scott VE1JS - Sandy Cove NS

Excellent day so congratulations. One note that bothers me and possibly more. The lady serving the food was doing so with her bare hands without any tongs or plastic gloves which is standard in serving to the public. Her hands may have been clean but it's not proper for the public.

Doug Grace VE1DFG - Lower Sackville NS

Great event, well organized and a terrific venue!

Ken McCormick VY2RU - Clinton PEI

Very fine experience! Congrats on the major increase in participation for the second year...bet attendance will continue to grow. Yvon was a great help to us presenters.

Jim Fisher VE1JF - Victoria Beach NS

Fantastic day, I am so happy I was able to attend this year - very well done! Thank you to the organizers for all your hard work and dedication, and to all the presenters for you time and great information. It was a personal delight for me to have a chance to meet fellow amateur operators and hear about your experiences and love of the hobby! Many thanks to all!

Jason Karle VE1AJK - Middle Sackville NS

A truly great event! Excellent facilities with lots of room and parking, great presentations and wonderful people. The sharing of information and interests is what makes amateur radio such a great hobby and the willingness of the radio community to generously volunteer their time for the enjoyment and education of all of us. Thank you!

Dana Rushton VE1VOX - Truro Heights NS

Audio recordings of SMART are on my web site. Listen from the bottom to the top. http://www.ve1lv.com/

Hal Rodd VE1LV - Truro NS

Good Morning,
I wanted to thank you and everybody involved. This was a 1st for me and I truly had an amazing time. The presentations I attended were informative and the atmosphere was fun & engaging.
Thank you so much!!

Sean Bridge VE1XOP - Merigomish NS

Hi all,

Yesterday was an awesome day. Jim, Mike, Yvon, Kevin, George and many others really gave it all and the results speaks for itself. If I had to bring something out of the event is the feeling of how proud I am to be a member of the greatest hobby ever. I can't thank you enough for your devotion and good mature. We should get together soon for a debriefing while the event is still on our minds. Talk soon.
Bernie Cormier VE9BGC - Greater Lakeburn NB
It was a really great day!
Mike Masters VE1XDT - Oxford NS
Thanks to you and the whole committee for putting on such a well-organized event Yvon and Jim.

Brent Taylor VY2HF / W1PJ - Stratford PEI
Good evening symposium presenters,

On behalf of the organisation committee of the 2017 SMART symposium I'd like to thank each of you for your participation this year.
We've heard nothing but great comments from all those that have participated.
We could not have done this without each of your participation.

We've been asked to see if we could post each of your presentation on the Maritime amateur website for reference for those that attended the sessions.
If you are ok with this, could you please forward your presentation to myself or Jim L and we'll get them posted.

Should you have any comments or recommendation for future events, please send them our way and we'll discuss them at the committee level.

Again, Thank you for your commitment and help to this endeavor.

Yvon Hachey VE1VON - Dieppe NB
Really enjoyed the event yesterday.

Ron MacKay VE1AIC - Cornwall PEI

 (90) Amateurs registered for S.M.A.R.T. 2017

 ( 71 )
  Jim VE1JBL
 Kevin VE1KEV
 Mike VE1MWJ
 Yvon VE1VON
 Bernie VE9BGC
 George VY2GF
  Steve VE9SF
  Doug VE9DSO
  Hal VE1LV
  Bob VE1PR
  Brian VE1IQ
  Scott VE1QD
  Mike VE1XDT
  Rick VE1DLH
  Bill VE1YY
  Jim VE1JF
  Bill VA1BIL
  Jim VE1AFH
  Brent VY2HF
  George VE1XP
  Dave VE1HUL
  Ron VE1BBB
  Glenn VE9GJ
  John VA1JON
  Doug VE1AHF
  Craig VE1DSS
  Ron VE1AIC
  Logan VE1LFS
  Eric VE1JW
  Rick VE9MTB
  Dana VE1VOX
  John VE1CM
 Michael VE1MBH
  Bruce VE1II
  Misha VE9GIS
 Jeremy VO1JEZ
  Chris VA1PYE 
  Paul VE9TTT
 Martin OK2MNM
  Scott VE1CHL
 Michael VE1LEB
  John VE1JS 
  Dave VE9CB
  Ron VE1ZC
 Warren VE1MTR
 Jerry VE9CD
  Andre VE9ARG
  Bob VE1EDP
  Len VE9MY
  Linda VE9GLF
 Ankit VA1NMQ
 Derek VE1WRG
 Doug VE1FAL
  Mike VE1ASE
  Peter VE1SM
  Tom Sisk
 Jason VE6TMR
Francis VE1FFA 
  Al VO1NO
  Ron VE1BIC
  Bernd VE9BJK
  Art VE9BP
 Sterling VE9SK
  Alan VY2XU
  Ken VY2IX
Jean-Paul VE9BK
  Jason VE1AJK
  James VE1JCS
  Dave VE9CU
  Brad VE1ZX
  Marcel VE9ML
  Ken VY2RU
  Dave VE1DEH
 Pravin VE9PKV
  Ian VE9IM
  Rick VE9RWS
  Phil VE1PHL
  Sharla VE1SRH
  Jim VE1CHI
 Ken VE1UF
  Bob VY2RG
  Doug VE1DFG
  Robert Mannette
  Treva Hebb
 Jo-Ann Reynolds

If you registered and do not see your name on here contact me and I will get you added in. jimve1jbl@gmail.com

Amateurs taking part in first S.M.A.R.T. Apr.30th, 2016

SMART 2016
  Scott VE1QD
  Ron  VE1BBB
  Yvon VE1VON
  Jeff VY2ZM
  Mirriam Briggs
  Bill VE1YY
 Peter VE1SM
 Bill Swanson
 Brad VE1ZX
 Hal VE1LV
 Ron VY2HR
 John VE1CM
 Mike VE1XDT
 Rick VE9MTB
 Dave VE9CB
 Linda VE9GLF
 Len VE9MY
Jean-Paul VE9BK
 Tobie VE9XAB
 Bernie VE9BGC
 Paul VE9TTT
 Jeremy VO1JEZ
 Bernie VE1UT
 Dennis VE1XT
 Sheldon VE1HQ
 Ian VE9IM
 Mike VE1ASE
 Doug VE1DSO
 Dick VE1AI
 George VY2GF
 Ross VE9GCS
 Larry VE9ASB
 Steve VE9SF
 Mike VE1LEB
 Denis VE9EMS
 Scott VE9SPH
 Scott VE1CHL
 Mike VE1MBH
 Bruce VE1II
 Kevin VE1KEV
 Doug VE1AHF
 Dave VE1HUL
 Gary VE1VHF
 Mike VE1MWJ
 Charles VE9CEL
 Bob VE1PR
 Rick VE9RWS
 Misha VE9GIS
  Treva Hebb
 Marge Smith