Amherst, Nova Scotia

WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia

Symposium for Maritime
 Amateur Radio Techs

“To provide insight into the technical and procedural aspects of amateur radio operation.”


S.M.A.R.T. 2018 scheduled for Saturday April 28th.

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The first meeting of S.M.A.R.T. 2018 was held in Amherst on Jan.6th, 2018. In attendance were George Dewar VY2GF, Bernie Cormier VE9BGC, Kevin Burke VE1KEV, Dave Hull VE1HUL and Jim Langille VE1JBL.
The event will again be held at the Dr Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill NS on Apr.28th, 2018 8am-4pm. Registration fee will remain the same $5.00 which includes lunch. There will also be 50/50 tickets and door prizes given throughout the day. Tickets will also be sold for the grand prize of at least one radio. TBA.
First classes will begin at 9am. Lunch hour (barbecue) will be from 12noon till 1pm.
The organizers have decided to keep the "Out of the Trunk" flea market this year. Amateurs interested in selling are to write up a note on items for sale with price and will get it on the site. Amateurs looking for something send it along and will also post it on the site.
This year the Hospitality room will be available and will have refreshments and an area to sit and chat if not taking in the courses.
The WestCumb ARC and the Municipality of Cumberland are looking forward to hosting this event again this year.
Sign up on the Registration Form below and if you have questions or comments leave them in the message box.

Next organizing meeting will be Mar.17th, 10am in Amherst. Complete schedule will be posted after this meeting.

UPDATE: Feb.10th, 2018
This year's classes are almost complete. Once the schedule is finalized I will post it here. Don't forget everyone including presenters must register below for this year's event. This list is what we will go by when coming through the door. If you don't register it slows down everyone getting through the doors first thing in the morning. This list is also used for door prizes given out during the day. We also use this list to make name tags to be given out to everyone. Most important registering helps us when ordering food and drink.

"Come for the classes, come for the food, come to see old & new friends but most of all come for the fun of our great hobby."
NOTE: If you have a camper or motor home it can be set up at the Community Centre the night before the event. Please let me know if you plan on using this so I can let the Event Coordinator know how many will be spending the night. Any questions let me know.
UPDATE: To offset cost of PEI amateurs coming over for SMART the WestCumb ARC have purchased a Bridge Pass and a draw will take place during this year's event. Amateurs travelling from PEI are asked to bring their receipt dated April 27th or 28th, sign their name and call sign to the back of it and place it in the box that will be at the registering table. The draw will take place in the afternoon. The odds of winning depend on the amount of amateurs travelling from the Island.
We are also hoping to have at least one Gas Card available as a door prize. More to come. Keep checking back.
NOTICE: There is the possibility of a major presenter from the Dayton Hamvention in Ohio coming up here to give a presentation. We are still in talks at this time. Will update ASAP.

Amateurs registered for S.M.A.R.T. 2018 - (78)

  Kevin VE1KEV
  George VY2GF
  Bernie VE9BGC
  Dave VE1HUL
  Yvon VE1VON
 Mike VE1XDT
Robert VE1RMJ
  Dana VE1VOX
  Mike VE1MWJ
  Scott VE1CHL
  James VE9WIN
 Brad VE1ZX
Brent VY2HF
Brian VE1IQ 
  Logan VE1LFS
Dave VE9CB
 Curtis VE9CJB
 Hal VE1LV
 Gordon VE9BCD
  Sterling VE9SK
  Doug VE1AHF
  Art VE9BP
  Rick VE1DLH
  Bill VA1BIL
  Jean-Paul VE9BK
  Misha VE9GIS
 Derek VE1WRG
  John VE1CM
  Bob VE1MBR
  James VE1JCS
  Ian VE9IM
  Tobie VE9XAB
 John VA1JON
  Craig VE1DSS
  Ken VE1UF
  Aaron VA1ARN
Peter VE1SM
 Francis VE1FFA
 Gary VA1GGM
Reynald VE9RON
  Luigi VE1XBJ
Lindsey VE1LCG
 Michael VE1MBH
 Bruce VE1II
 Larry VO1HL
  Adam VY2XU
  Bob VE1PR
  Bob VE1EDP
  Jo-Ann Reynolds
  Treva Hebb
  Al VE1ZS
  Doug VE9DSO
 Wayne VE1WPH
  Jim VE1CHI
  Silas VE9SI
  Glenn VE9GJ
  Ron VE1BIC
  Jim VE1JDS
 Marcel VE9ML
  Donald VE1SS
  Andre VE9ARG
   Phil VE1PHL
  Greg VE1HGR
 Joe VO1BQ
  George VE1XP
  Jason VE1AJK
  William Caw
Bill VE1YY
  Francis VE9FCP

"Out of Trunk" Flea Market 2018

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Mike VE1XDT 
  HF radio, accessories, CB antennas, VHF Motorola radios
  SELL: ICOM R-7100 Wideband receiver $300.00
Brent VY2HF
  Yaesu VX-8GR APRS/GPS-enabled 2M/70CM handie talkie, with two batteries, drop-in charger, 12V power cord, speaker mic, and other accessories. Asking $250 for the set. Kenwood TS-680S HF/6M transceiver, with PieXX rig interface/controller board, SignaLink USB interface, desk mic, etc. Works great on FT8, JT65, as well as usual voice/CW modes. $350 for the rig only, $500 for the works. Icom IC-R75 General Coverage Receiver, mint condition, with filter upgrade and optional Sync detector installed. Includes box, manual, stock power supply, etc. $500 negotiable.
 James VE1JCS
>> 21-534 Radio Shack SWR/Power meter in origional box. Covers HF band $40 >> MFJ-815B Delux HF Peak SWR/Watt meter $60 no box. >> MFJ-422B Bencher Keyer in origional box used very little $150 >> UDRC "Universal Digital Radio Controller" For D-star hotsopt use. CW 6pin mini din cable. Can be connected on DR-1x for tri-mode config. Need to purchase seperate 15pin cable NOT included $70 >> IC-2100 Icom VHF radio in origional box with acc. $150 >> Kantronics KPC3 V.5.0 CW-cables from unit to PC (DB-25 to DB-9) & cable from unit to radio (DB-9 to 6pin mini din) wired for yaesu $125 Pictures available on request, Open to some flexibility on price if reasonable.
 Misha VE9GIS
 Wanted a USB (not serial) based Rigblaster or SignaLink configured or configurable for Kenwood
Kevin VE1KEV
  We have a few items For Sale..... >Samsung Printer >Antenna switch box - model 593 >Army issue cooking gear with carry bag. >Extension cord, 3 prong, approx. 14ft. >Leather carry on/laptop bag. >Vacuum tube volt meter. >MFJ Deluxe Electronic Keyer - MFJ407 >Heath Kit - code oscillator. >Jana power supply - 3 amp. >Box of cassette tapes. >ARRL Antenna book. > Heath Kit - Antenna tuner - SA-2040. >2 Straight Morris Code keyers. >Keyer - ST-A >18 gage speaker wire. >Datong multi-mode filter - model FL2. >Island Tel Radio. >Uniden Cordless phone. >Cisco Linksys E1000 wireless router. >Heath Kit receiver HR10.