Club activities Club activities Jim VE1JBL & Rick VE9RWS Aug. 21st, 2010: NSARA picnic at Brad and Abbie's cottage in Two Islands 196387790 NSARA picnic at Brad & Abbie's cottage. Aug. 21st, 2010: Group Photo 196387792 WARC Field Day June 27, 2009 L to R: Peter Hebb VE1SM, Al Christie VE1ZS, Glenn Wallis VE1GK, Bob Perry VE1EDP, Jim Langille VE1JBL, Lloyd Smith VA1MAB, Rick Sullivan VE9RWS & Ron Bickle VE1BIC 196387793 Congratulations Rick VE9RWS Apr.06, 2011. 20th anniversary of Rick Sullivan VE9RWS NCO for the WestCumb ARC 2 Meter Net. 196387794 Cumberland County Building Home of the WestCumb ARC with callsigns VE1WRC and VE1EMX. 196387797 Brad VE1ZX working at a repeater site. 196387802 LtoR: Pravin VE9PKV, Paul VE9TTT & Jim VE1JWM Three students passed their Amateur exam written on the evening of Thursday, February 25th, 2010. 196512976 WARC at YMCA Run. June 2014 LtoR: Jim VE1JBL, Peter VE1SM, Bob VE1DR, Ron VE1BIC, Mike VE1XDT, Kevin VE1KEV, Mike VE1MY and Bob VE1EDP. 196387807 Bob Perry VE1EDP Bob is the Communications officer for Cumberland Regional EMO and the WestCumb ARC. 196506006 Rick VE9RWS Sept. 05th, 2011: Rick VE9RWS at his home QTH in Sackville NB Net Control for his final WestCumb 2 meter Net. Rick retired after 20 years service. 196506154 Lorne Anderson VE1BXK Lorne working at the VE1WRC repeater site. 196506155 Exercise Handshake Mar. 31st, 2009 Sitting L to R: Al VE1ZS, Brad VE1ZX and Mike VE1XDT. Standing L to R: Lloyd VA1MAB (SK) and Peter VE1SM (SK) 196506537 Jim Hannon VE1AFH Dec.02, 2008: Jim VE1AFH opens the first Exercise Handshake at the County office in Amherst. 196506556 Terry Craig VE9TER Field Day 2010 196512924 Al VE1ZS (left) & Jim VE1CHI Photo above shows VE1ZS Al, left, operating and VE1CHI Jim logging at 4 am Sunday morning on Field day. Jim's left hand is taking the photo. 196512511 Al VE1ZS (left) & Paul VE9TTT Field day 2012 196512938 Ron VE1BIC Ron Bickle, VE1BIC beginning his presentation on the new Tantramar Community Radio Station - 107.9 FM 196513150 Sam & Randy VE1ADV Sam (Samara) Flueck, the daughter of club member Randy Elliott, VE1ADV wrote her amateur radio exam on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 in the E.D. Fullerton Building, Amherst, NS and successfully passed it! 196513151 Gerry VE1KW VE1KW, Jerry Hannah gave a 10 minute enlightening presentation on the 'why' and the 'how' of side band generation in SSB radios after the regular April 2011 meeting, and complete with nifty whiteboard graphics. Well done, Jerry! 196513152 Brad VE1ZX, Mike VE1ZD & Rick VE9RWS Mike passing his amateur radio exam. 196513155 Back Row: L to R: Ron Bickle VE1BIC, Brad Ross VE1ZX, Terry McGee, Johnny Colson VE1JJC, Peter Hebb VE1SM, Gerry Hannah VE1KW, Gareth Greenslade VE9SG, Rick Sullivan VE9RWS, Paul Blakney VE1JU & Joe Lees VE1CEX. Front Row L to R: Al Christie VE1ZS, Kaye Hannah VE1YH, Louise Nolan VE1ABI, Ed Hart VE9ES, Charles Gould VE1BK & Jack McGee VE1CZD. 196513156 The above photo was submitted by VE9RWS Rick and it was taken in the fall of 1995. This is the repeater site of VE1SPR that Brad VE1ZX and Rick VE9RWS set up at that time. See how some of us have matured in the intervening years! hi hi. Rick claims he can identify every single person in this photo... can you? LtoR: Brad Ross VE1ZX, ???, Bill Anderson VE9UH, Ron VE1BIC and the boys, David Jones VE9DWJ, Jim Langille VE1JBL & Buddy, Peter Hebb VE1SM, Jeff Steeves VE9JJS, Louis Nolan VE1ABI & Jack McGee VE1CZD. 196513157 Rob VE9KM Rob Ireland, VE9KM instructing the students who are taking the WARC sponsored amateur radio course. 196513304 Bruce VE1ABC & Frank VE1BPM This photo shows Bruce, VE1ABC on the left with "Uncle Frank" Gallant, VE1BPM on the right during the Westcumb Amateur Radio Club's June 1981 Field Day. Photo was submitted by Jerry, VE1KW. 196755621 Field Day 1991 Left to Right: Back Row,Ed Hart VE9ES, Rick Sullivan VE9RWS, Remi Alain VE1GWG, Bill Anderson VE9UH. Ron Bickle VE1BIK. Sitting: Kaye Hannah VE1YH, Louise Nolan VE1ABI, Peter Hebb VE1CCL, Gerry Hannah VE1KW 205754081 Rick VE9RWS & Bob VE1EDP L to R: VE9RWS Rick Sullivan receiving the special cake for 20 years of service as Net Control for the WARC net from VE1EDP Bob Perry 196755826 Frank Gallent VE1BPM , Jack McGee VE1CZD & Gerry Hannah VE1KW Thanks to Jack VE1CZD for the photo. 196789844 2005 Awards 205754088 Exercise Handshake Award LtoR: Mike Johnson VE1MWJ, Bob Perry VE1EDP, Jim Langille VE1JBL, Jim Hannon VE1AFH, Craig SeaboyerVE1DSS 205754089 Summer Picnic Two Islands early 80's 206281176 Summer Picnic Two Islands early 80's Left to Right: 1 Al Cole wife 2 Gerry Gallant 3 Uncle Frank Gallant 4 Al Cole 5 Raylene Charley Gould friend 6 Charley Gould 7 Peter Hebb 8 Brad Ross 9 Abbie Ross 10 Louise Nolan 11 Lee Nolen 206281221 206287662 206287663 206287665 206392243 206392245 206392246 206392254 206392255 206392256 206392257 206392258 206582457 206582458