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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC


The June 2022 Regular Meeting was brought to order at 7:15 p.m. via Google Meet with President Kevin VE1KEV as chair.

22 members participated including Jim VE1JBL, Bill VA1BIL, Borden VA1CBC, Brad VE1ZX, Dana VE1VOX, Don VE9CUB, Eric VE1JW, Frank VE1FSM, George VY2GF, Gordon VE9GC, Jim VE1CHI, Joe VY2JC, Kevin VE1KEV, Lorne VE1BXK, Mike VE1MY, Mike VE9MTV, Peter VE1WIN, Robert VE1RMJ, Ron VE1BIC, Ron VE1BBB, Steve VE1SV, Terry VE1AS.

Regrets from Steve VE1OR, Dave VE1DEH, Mike VE1MWJ and Mike VE1ZB. The club welcomed back Jim Cleveland VE1CHI from Crowes Mills NS as member #64 to our club.

A minute of silence was held for Roger VE1TNN and Betty VE1ETT Boss who passed away from their injuries due to a house fire in Fenwick.

The Agenda for the meeting was approved. Moved/seconded by Ron VE1BIC/Pravin VE9PKV.


Minutes from the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the May, 2022 regular meeting were posted on the Website and circulated by email. It was moved/seconded by Ron VE1BIC/Peter VE1WIN that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.


Business Arising From the Minutes:

Kevin VE1KEV reported that the “Run For The Sun” was still planned for Saturday June 25, with a meeting on Wednesday June 22 at 7 pm at the YMCA for volunteers. Kevin noted that he would be away that day. Volunteers so far include VE1MY, VE1FSM, VE1BIC, VE1JBL, and VE1BBB.

A work party was planned for Sunday June 26 to assist new member Rick Lloyd VE1RFL recently moved from Ontario to Maccan and will need help programming an FT400, and putting up an antenna.

Robert VE1RMJ said Mike VE1ZB was still looking for someone else to take over as Net Coordinator in September. They would be responsible for figuring out which repeaters would be linked, make changes to the preamble, and to run the schedule, making changes as necessary. Mike has been Net Coordinator for 8 years and has indicated he will continue in the fall if necessary, but he wanted to give someone else the opportunity.


New Business:

If possible, a representative from the Club will be needed to present the annual WARC Bursary at Springhill High School at the end of June. Please contact jim VE1AFH.

Jim VE1JBL noted that the current Executive and Directors need to be contacted to see if they are willing to continue for 2022-2023. Peter VE1WIN said he may be interested in being on the Executive.

Jim VE1JBL said he had talked to Mike VE1MWJ who had discussed with Bill Ireland of the Municipality of Cumberland about the possibility of the WARC being able to use the meeting room at the County Office in Upper Nappan. Mike said the meeting room had been cleaned out, but no final decision had been made.

Jin also suggested we go back to having Club meetings on the first Tuesday of the month (September to June). Ron VE1BIC suggested we continue using Google Meet instead of having in person meetings, since the meeting held last fall in Truemanville (during COVID-19) was poorly attended. Ron VE1BBB wondered if the Saturday Brunches were going to resume.

Lorne VE1BXK wondered about the long-term plan for the County Building, as some of the services had been moved to Springhill. Robert VE1RMJ said that would mean the WARC would no longer have a club room. Mike VE9MTV noted that the Moncton club meets in the EMO building in Moncton. George VY2GF wondered if the Amherst Fire Hall would be available.

Brad VE1ZX said he and Lorne VE1BXK would be able to purchase three surplus MTR repeaters from the NSARA for $300.00 to replace MSR repeaters at three sites in Cumberland County. He suggested that they be listed as WARC assets and not as County assets. Mike VE9MTV said three repeaters in Moncton had been replaced with MTR repeaters and they were solid units. Jim VE1JBL said he had heard many positive reports about the MTR repeaters. He said the sites being considered were VE1WRC and two others, but “nothing was set in stone.” Lorne VE1BXK said these repeaters can be remotely programmed and tested from off-site. You can make adjustments and program tone codes. He called it a “win-win situation.” He noted that WRC, BHS and SDR had no remote access. Mike VE9MTV said Sackville SKV had a MTR repeater. Ron VE1BIC asked if any equipment was still in place at the old WRC site on The John Black Road and Brad replied “yes.”

After the discussion, it was moved/seconded by Jim VE1JBL/Bill VA1BIL that the Club purchase the repeaters.

Motion Carried.


Treasurer's Report:

Jim VE1JBL presented the Treasurer’s Report. It was moved/seconded by Jim VE1JBL/Eric VE1JW that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.

Motion carried.



Jim VE1JBL said he had learned from Brendan VE1BTC that CANWARN was not being cancelled.


Field Day:

Nothing to report.



Nothing to report.


Public Service:

Kevin VE1KEV is still looking for volunteers to help with radio communications during the “Run for the Sun” 5K 10K and half-marathon races being put on by the Cumberland Y Service Club on Saturday June 25. Local amateurs will monitor the event from different locations throughout the race.


Web page:

Nothing to report.



Nothing to report.



Eric VE1JW said a recent presentation from RAC had indicated that ARES and CANWARN may be dropped. Jim VE1JBL noted that Environment Canada may still want the weather information. Mike VE9MTV said CANWARN may be integrated into an “Auxiliary Service.”


President’s Report:

Nothing to report.



Mike VE1ZB was not involved in the meeting, so there was no report about the Monday Night WARC Net. Ron VE1BIC noted that the Net would probably be shut down for the summer after June 27th.



Lorne VE1BXK reported more interference on the Wake up Net. He said there was an issue with Summerside, but other than that the repeaters were working fairly well.

There was still some noise on the NAVCOM system but that was beyond their control.

Brad VE1ZX also mentioned some noise from Summerside. The interference that was occurring at Salem with the WRC analog repeater and AMH digital repeater may require moving some filters. Lorne explained that the digital gets into the analog RX, because the RX filter is before the TX filter. Bill VE1MR had suggested putting the TX filter before the RX filter, but the cables are currently too short, so they will have to order some 214 cable and connectors. He said he had gone in remotely to turn the power down to 5 watts to test it. He said they will have to notify Matt Boyle at the Province of Nova Scotia about relocating the filters, and they will obtain the cost for the cable and connectors.


Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.


Technical & Operating Information:

It was reported that 6m was wide open the previous Saturday and Sunday


Sick & Visiting:

Nothing to report.



Nothing to report.


Next Meeting

Tuesday September 6, 2022 at 7 pm via Google Meet


Adjournment: 8:38 pm.                 Ron Bickle VE1BIC Secretary