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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

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Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC

WARC REGULAR MEETING – October 03, 2019


The Meeting was brought to order at 7:05 p.m. with President Kevin (VE1 KEV) in the chair. 18 members and guests were present. Regrets: Lorne (VE1 BXK); Charles (VE1 BK). Introductions were made around he table.


Minutes From the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the September regular meeting were posted on the Website and circulated by email.

It was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Jim (VE1 AFH) that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.


Business Arising From the Minutes:

Pravin (VE9 PKV) noted that item #3 in the proposed “Memorandum Of Understanding” or MOU, between The Cumberland Regional Emergency Management Organization and the WARC should be changed to say “the Club WILL endeavour to support REMO”.

It was moved/seconded Pravin (VE9 PKV)/Terry (VE9 TER) that the change be made.  Motion carried.


New Business:

Jim (VE1 JBL) said Mike (VE1 MWJ) had ordered 500 feet of 2213 coax cable, and it would be sold to members at $1.10 per foot.


Treasurer's Report:

Jim (VE1 JBL) said the Treasurer’s Report would be presented at the November meeting. The 2018-2019  audit had been done by Jack (VE1 CZD) which found everything to be in order.  Jim also noted that the RAC insurance had been sent out that day.



Nothing to report.


Field Day:

Nothing to report.



Ron (VE1 BIC) said he had put an announcement on CFTA 107.9 about the October meeting.


Public Service:

The Trout Lake Car Rally on October 6th organized by the Bluenose AutoSport Club was discussed. Communications for part of the rally will be using the Parrsboro repeater. Brad (VE1 ZX) noted that the Parrsboro Solar Site has been operational since the 1990’s.

The Halloween night Amherst Pumpkin Patrol will need 4 operators.



Nothing to report.


Web page:

Jim (VE1 JBL) reported no problems. A link to the video of the 1996 Field Day had been uploaded. Ron (VE1 BIC) said he had other videos as well as some audio recordings of some of the Monday Night Nets. He will be working on those over the winter.



Mike (VE1 MWJ) was not at the meeting, but Jim (VE1 AFH) said things had been quiet.



Jim (VE1 AFH) said the next meeting would be held at the Greenwood Fleamarket on October 19th. There was some discussion of the benefits and pitfalls of the NSARA joining RAC.


President’s Report:

Nothing to report.



Mike (VE1 ZB) said the Monday Night Net was going well. There had been around 25 check-ins the previous Monday night. The Wake Up Net was also getting a good response.



Ken (VY2 RU) said negotiations were underway to develop a province-wide system of repeaters. He said the City of Summerside admitted they were ill-prepared after the damage to regular communications by Tropical Storm Dorion. He said they need more involvement by government,

Brad (VE1 ZX) noted that Charlottetown can link to Summerside via VE1 BHS if needed.

Mike (VE1 ZB) asked about the status of the station at the Red Cross in Burnside NS.

Ron (VE1 BIC) asked about the Amateur station at the Red Cross in Amherst.

Brad said he and Lorne (VE1 BXK) had been to VE1 BHS to check on a noise issue. He said they will need to replace the power supply for the link radios. A 50-70 amp unit will be required, at a cost of approximately $400.00. Also, the VE1 AMH Fusion repeater in Salem will need some adjustment. The new Moncton Fusion repeater (VE9 MFR) was on the air, but was not yet able to connect using Wires-X.

The Simplex Repeater was not working at the present time.

Brad said a new fence had been erected at the Kirk Hill site, and the new tower was about 30 meters higher. There also had been an issue with the filters for VE1 WRC that highlighted the need to purchase some test equipment.


Unfinished Business:

Nothing to report.


New Business:

Jon (VE1 JSG) noted that Ron (VE1 BIC) had been on the air on CFTA 107.9 during the power outages after Tropical Storm Dorion.

Ron noted that after the station’s email, phones and Internet went down on the second day, they still had the 2m Amateur station.

It was felt that those operating cell sites should be legislated to have backup power.

Jim (VE1 AFH) said we need to continue with the MESH project, and maybe should plan a training evening at the first of the year.

It was suggested that Steve Frost could put on a 2-hour Raspberry Pi demonstration at the SMART Symposium next year.

Don (VE1 AOE) said it would be a good opportunity to learn more about Raspberry Pi.


Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.


Sick and Visiting:

Brad (VE1 ZX) said he had visited Rick (VE9 RWS) in Sackville a few weeks ago. Rob (VE9 KM) was also doing well.


Technical & Operating Information:

It was noted that Canadian Tire was selling 2-packs of solar panels and a regulator for $200 ( regular $599).



The October Brunch will be held in Pugwash at the Lantern Restaurant across from the fire hall. In November, the Brunch would be at Patterson’s on the 16th.


The 50-50 ($26.50) was won by Bruce (VE1 VH) who donated his share to help pay for a new power supply for VE1 BHS.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Municipality of Cumberland Building in Upper Nappan.


Adjournment: 8:36 pm.                 Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC) Secretary