Amherst, Nova Scotia

WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia

Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC



(via Google Meet)

The May 2021 Regular Meeting was brought to order at 7:35 p.m. with President Kevin VE1KEV as chair. 19 members took part. Jim VE1JBL, Ron VE1BIC, Kevin VE1KEV, Mike VE1ZB, Rob VE1RMJ, Brad VE1ZX, Dave VE9DWJ, Gordon VE9GC, Lorne VE1BXK, Mike VE1MY, Scott VE1CHL, Terry VE1AS, Peter VE1WIN, Mike VE1MWJ, Dana VE1VOX, Craig VE1ECC, Ken VE1UF, Bill VA1BIL, and Pravin VE9PKV.


Approval of the Agenda:

It was moved/seconded by Kevin VE1KEV/Gordon VE9GC that the agenda be approved. Motion carried.


Minutes from the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the April 02, 2021 regular meeting were posted on the Website and circulated by email. It was moved/seconded by Ron VE1BIC/Gord VE9GC that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.


Business Arising From the Minutes:

Nothing to Report


New Business:

Lorne VE1BXK gave an update on the new TP Link router, which will address an issue with port forwarding at the Salem repeater site. Brad VE1ZX said the new CTCSS tone on VE1BHS seems to be working fine, and we should think about doing the same for the other sites, and making 88.5 Hz the standard tone for all the local repeaters. Lorne noted that the Fusion repeater was currently using 100 Hz and asked the members to consider changing it to 88.5 Hz, which can be done remotely if approved. After some discussion, it was moved/seconded by Mike VE1MWJ /Peter VE1WIN that we use 88.5 Hz as the CTCSS tone on all the local area repeaters. Motion carried.

Jim VE1JBL brought up that since October he has been paying a monthly fee on his credit card to use Google Meet for virtual meetings. As of the end of June, he wants to stop doing that, and suggested we could go back to the “free” version, which is limited to 60 minutes, with the link changing for every meeting. He also asked Mike VE1MWJ if the meeting room at the county building would be available again in the fall, if restrictions are lifted. Mike said the potential was there, and also said if not,  he may be able to host the virtual meetings through the county beginning in September.


Treasurer's Report:

Jim VE1JBL presented the Treasurer’s Report. It was moved/seconded by Jim VE1JBL/Robert VE1RMJ that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried.



Kevin VE1KEV had received a notice about QSL cards being held at the HARC QSL Bureau. A payment of $10.00 to cover postage will need to be made in order to receive them.


Field Day:

Nothing to report.



Jim VE1JBL noted that earlier in the day, he had been interviewed on camera by CTV at the NS-NB border about the situation there, and he had been wearing his WARC shirt.


Public Service:

Nothing to report.


Web page:

Nothing to report.



Mike VE1MWJ reported he had received eight new magnetic signs to be used during Emergency Communications operations. There are five radio installations in the county that need to be worked on, but he is waiting for COVID-19 to slack off. He noted that the County has a new CAO, so there may be some changes.



Kevin VE1KEV reported he is awaiting a certificate for the NSARA “Worked All Nova Scotia Counties” contest in March.


President’s Report:

Nothing to report.



Mike VE1ZB reported that the most recent Monday Night Club Net ( in memory of Rick Sullivan VE9RWS - SK ) had 38 check-ins. He is making up a new roster for Net Controllers if anyone wants to add their name. Kevin VE1KEV noted that we had discussed before that we want to keep this to only include WARC club members. He said there had been some ‘miscommunication” about this matter.

Jim VE1JBL reported the Fusion Net was going well, with 58 check-ins being the high point so far. He said they have been getting a few more from outside the Maritimes. He said they had gotten the point across that there are two rounds of NS-NB-PEI before outside stations are allowed in. He said Mike VE1MY was back on the list of Net Controllers, which makes five. Pravin VE9PKV suggested that there could be another “short time” call after the first round, in case anyone was missed at the beginning that has to leave early. Jim said a notice has been sent to all Net Controllers to try to repeat call signs to see if anyone was missed.



Brad VE1ZX reported that everything was working OK, except for an interference issue on VE1SPR. He and Lorne are waiting for a chance to get to VE1SDR to install a tone card donated by Ron VE1AIC. Mike VE1ZB wondered if VE1SPH would be a candidate for a CTCSS tone. Lorne VE1BXK noted that a CTCSS tone is not used on DMR.  (See also under “New Business”)


Unfinished Business:

Nothing to report.


New Business:

Brad VE1ZX reported that he had recently conducted a basic test in the Tim Hortons parking lot.


Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.


Technical & Operating Information:

Ron VE1BIC noted that CFTA 107.9, the local Community Radio Station, will be celebrating ten years on the air in July. He thanked the WARC members for their help in establishing the transmitter site, especially Jim VE1AFH who had been the County EMO Coordinator in 2011.



Nothing to report.

Next Meeting ( via Google Meet ) :

Tuesday, June 01, 2021 at 7:30 pm.


Adjournment: 8:41 pm.                 Ron Bickle VE1BIC Secretary