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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia

Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC

W.A.R.C. REGULAR MEETING – January 03, 2019

The Meeting was brought to order at 7:02 p.m. with President Kevin (VE1 KEV) in the chair. 13 members were present. Introductions were made around the room.

Regrets: Lorne (VE1 BXK); Mike (VE1 MWJ).

Minutes From the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the November 01, 2018 regular meeting were posted on the WARC website and distributed in the Newsletter.

It was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Dana(VE1 VOX) that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

Business Arising From the Minutes:

Nothing to report.

New Business:

Jim (VE1 JBL) reported there is a notice regarding the upcoming SMART symposium on April 27th on The Atlantic Amateur website about, and a new page about it on the WARC website. Jim said at the last organizational meeting, someone asked if the fee for attending the symposium should be raised for 2019. They eventually decided not to, saying that many were driving long distances to attend, and there was still enough funding available from past years to help offset costs.

Brad (VE1 ZX) reminded anyone purchasing Yaesu gear to let the organizers know so they can forward the sales information to Corey Sickles at Yaesu. There were also several hundred Yaesu hats that were late arriving last year available for giveaways in 2019.

They may also be allowing extra time for a fleamarket.

Treasurer's Report:

Jim (VE1 JBL) presented the Treasurer’s Report.

It was moved/seconded by Jim (VE1 JBL)/Brad (VE1 ZX) that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried.


Nothing to report.

Field Day:

Nothing to report.


Ron (VE1 BIC) said he had aired a PSA about the meeting on CFTA 107.9.

Public Service:

Nothing to report.


Peter (VE1 SM) was not present.

Web page:

Jim (VE1 JBL) reported no problems with the WARC website. He noted that the former “The Maritime Amateur” site was renamed “The Atlantic Amateur” in order to include Newfoundland and Labrador, and was being maintained Corey Nickerson (VE1 DFZ) in Pubnico, NS.


The first permanent simplex repeater destined for the Leicester Fire Hall was almost finished. It will need to have an antenna installed.

Exercise Handshake was discussed, as there have been some questions and concerns lately.

Kevin (VE1 KEV) said VHF Net Controller Dave Hull had asked what information needed to be included.

Jim (VE1 JBL) said only repeater reports were needed, such as what repeaters are being used. He said Nova Scotia Field Communications needs the data. He said the Preamble and Repeaters List are now on The Atlantic Amateur website. Reports at the end of each Exercise Handshake can be sent to Corey (VE1 DFZ).

Mike (VE1 MWJ) had sent an email about upcoming EMO ICS training at the Amherst Fire Station.


Brad (VE1 ZX) said the next NSARA meeting will be held at the Greenwood Fleamarket.

Jim (VE1 JBL) reported there was new information on the NSARA website.

President’s Report:

Nothing to report.


Al (VE1 ZS) reported some interference on the Wakeup net, possibly coming from Gore. He said there was too much noise for the tones to work properly.


Brad (VE1 ZX) reported they had been to Sugarloaf to replace a link radio. A computer had gone down at the Leamington/South Brook (VE1 BFB) C4FM repeater site. There were also some issues with BHS, SPR and WRC. Jerry (VE1 KW) wondered if it was Sporadic E.

Brad said Ron (VE1 AIC) was working on a new system using different frequencies. They were still working on Hammonds Plains.

He said the C4FM repeaters had the best coverage in Fusion.

Jim (VE1 JBL) said D-Star repeaters were being used in Lunenburg, Summerside and Charlottetown.

Videos from Yaesu about Wires-X were available on YouTube.

(search:Wires-X Bible)

Unfinished Business:

Kevin (VE1 KEV) said he would be taking more orders for crested shirts following the meeting.

New Business:

Nothing to report.

Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.

Sick and Visiting:

Brad (VE1 ZX) reported that Rick (VE9 RWS) was back in the Sackville Hospital.

Rob (VE9 KM) was having chemotherapy and was awaiting surgery.

Technical & Operating Information:

Jerry (VE1 KW) said Pravin (VE9 PKV) needed an adapter for PL-259 to SMA.

Jerry is also downsizing his workbench area, and brought in a number of small items such as fuses and toroids. Anyone taking these items can make a donation to the Club.

Dana (VE1 VOX) shared some photos of a dipole antenna on fire. He noted that 30m had been good lately. Jerry remarked that we are at the bottom of the Sunspot Cycle.

Ron (VE1 BIC) told how they had fixed a cold weather propane regulator issue for the standby generators at CFTA-FM.


The January Brunch will be at Patterson’s in Sackville on the 12th.

In February, the Brunch will be at Breakfast at Brittney’s in Amherst on the 16th.

The 50-50 ($13.50) was won by Dave (VE1 DEH) who donated his share to the Bursary Fund.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, February 07, 2019, 7 PM at the Municipality of Cumberland Building in Upper Nappan.

Adjournment: 8:34 pm.                 Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC) Secretary