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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia

Latest WARC Minutes
Secretary - Ron Bickle VE1BIC

W.A.R.C. Annual General Meeting – September 06, 2018

The Meeting was brought to order at 7:03 p.m. with current President Kevin (VE1 KEV) in the chair. Eighteen members and guests were present.

Minutes From Last AGM:

The minutes from the September 2016 Annual General Meeting were read aloud by the Secretary.

Moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Peter (VE1 SM) that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.

Business From Minutes:

It was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Jim (VE1 JBL) that the date for the regular Club meetings be changed to the first Thursday of the month, September to June, with the Annual General Meeting to be held on the first Thursday of September each year. Motion Carried.

It was moved/seconded by Jim (VE1 JBL)/Brad (VE1 ZX) that the dues structure remain the same. Motion Carried.

RAC Member $15.00

RAC Member + NSARA $25.00

RAC Member + family $25.00

RAC Member + NSARA + family $35.00

Non-RAC Member $25.00

Non-RAC Member + NSARA $35.00

Non-RAC Member + family $35.00

Non-RAC Member + NSARA + family $45.00

Associate Member – non-voting $10.00

Jim (VE1 JBL) added that it would be recorded that “Life Members” would be “paid up” for the year, but if they wish to pay $10.00 for NSARA they could do so.

Treasurer's Report:

Jim (VE1 JBL) will be presenting the latest Treasurer’s Report during the upcoming regular September meeting.

President’s Report:

No report presented.

Nominating Committee Report:  

No committee had been formed at the last regular meeting in June 2018.

Kevin (VE1 KEV) has re-offered as President.

Mike (VE1 XDT) will remain as Vice President

Ron (VE1 BIC) has re-offered as Secretary.

Jim (VE1 JBL) will be re-offering as Treasurer.

After three calls, there being no further nominations, it was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Mike (VE1 MWJ) that nominations cease. Motion carried.

2018-2019 WARC Executive:

President – Kevin Burke (VE1 KEV)

Vice-President – Mike (VE1 XDT)

Secretary – Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC)

Treasurer – Jim (VE1 JBL)

Trustees: Brad (VE1 ZX); Rick (VE9 RWS); Al (VE1 ZS); Jim (VE1 AFH); Brad (VE1 ZX); Lorne (VE1 BXK).

Repeater Committee: Brad (VE1 ZX); Rick (VE9 RWS); Al (VE1 ZS); Jim (VE1 AFH); Lorne (VE1 BXK).

Mike (VE1 XDT) and Kevin (VE1 KEV).

The 2018-2019 WARC Directors shall consist of:

Jim (VE1 JBL); Mike (VE1 MY); Ron (VE1 BIC); Kevin (VE1 KEV); Brad (VE1 ZX); Rick (VE9 RWS) Al (VE1 ZS) and Jim (VE1 AFH).

Peter (VE1 SM) will continue as Newsletter Editor.

Jim (VE1 JBL) will continue as Webmaster for the next year.

Ron (VE1 BIC) will serve as backup Webmaster.

New Business:

Nothing to report.

Adjournment: at 7:24 p.m.          

Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC) Secretary.

  1. W.A.R.C. REGULAR MEETING – September 06, 2018

The Meeting was brought to order at 7:24 p.m. (following the Annual General Meeting) with President Kevin (VE1 KEV) in the chair. 18 members and guests were present. Introductions were made around the room.

Regrets: Lorne (VE1 BXK); Jim (VE1 AFH); Rick (VE9 RWS).

Minutes From the Last Meeting:

The minutes from the June 07, 2018 regular meeting were posted on the WARC website and distributed in the Newsletter.

It was moved/seconded by Ron (VE1 BIC)/Peter (VE1 SM) that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

Business Arising From the Minutes:

Don (VE1 AOE) gave an update on the MESH project. He said two units had been programmed with Arden software, although there have been some issues with that company. There is concern that there may be only one supplier. They are considering moving to 900 MHz. He said penetration of trees could be an obstacle.

Don said they were using a “jury-rigged” method to load software. He said they were in an “incubation stage” at this point.

Robert (VE1 RMJ) said he will be purchasing a bullet to flash. He said he will “wait and see” if more developers come on board.

Dana (VE1 VOX) said there had been no updates from the Moncton group.

Kevin (VE1 KEV) asked what was happening with the surplus gear.

Brad (VE1 ZX) said we will have to figure out how to get it. He said it should go through NSARA.

New Business:

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's Report:

Jim (VE1 JBL) presented the up-to-date report, saying the year-end had balanced, and he had contacted Jack (VE1 CZD) about doing the audit.

It was moved/seconded by Jim (VE1 JBL)/Robert (VE1 RMJ) that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Motion Carried.


Jim (VE1 JBL) had received the bill for the Club website.

Field Day:

Don (VE1 AOE) gave an update on the Truro Field Day. He said it was an active weekend. Lorne (VE1 BXK) had attended.


Ron (VE1 BIC) said he had aired a PSA about the meeting on CFTA 107.9.

Public Service:

Nothing to report.


Peter (VE1 SM) reported no problems.

Web page:

Jim (VE1 JBL) reported no problem except with uploading certain pictures. He noted that the website host has its own “apps” pages that he has no control over, but he has no problem with any pages he makes himself.


Mike (VE1 MWJ) said they were still working on having an exercise using the simplex repeaters. They are planning to have 4 repeaters, and have ordered 5 radios and Diamond fiberglass antennas.

There is a meeting in the works with the RCMP superintendent and Craig Seaboyer. He said the superintendent was very interested and wants to find out how we can help with communications. When we had the fibre cut last year, the RCMP was without radios or phones.

The wiring harnesses should be delivered any day. They have had a tower donated, and perhaps some heliax.

The ICS-200 training course is being planned, possibly at the Amherst Fire Hall. There may be a couple seats, but the Municipality has priority. Jim (VE1 JBL) said he would put out an email.

Mike said if you take the course, you need to be committed. You could get called out.

He said Lorne (VE1 BXK) wants to use Motorola radios for the 2 fixed sites and the 2 go-boxes. They will consult with the repeater group about frequencies. They will be looking at serving locations within a telephone prefix, and the majority of service areas in the county.

Jim (VE1 JBL) said there was some preliminary work being done, including a new antenna in Wentworth and a radio and antenna for Westchester. They are also looking at Wallace.

Mike (VE1 MWJ) gave an update on Hurricane Florence, which is south of Bermuda and is on a course to make landfall in the Carolinas.

He said the water temperature around Nova Scotia is well above normal, meaning the storms will keep their strength longer.

He said we are in a peak period right now, with dry air leaving Africa.

Mike noted that we haven’t had a summer this hot in years, maybe the hottest summer we’ve seen.

He also gave an update on the Oxford Sinkhole, and said there was a public meeting being planned for next week. He said the Oxford school situation (mortar issue in concrete walls) is not connected.

Brad (VE1 ZX) wondered if the CNCP site in the Amherst Industrial Park was for sale. He said it would be a good site for MESH. Mike cautioned that there could be an insurance issue.


Brad (VE1 ZX) said there would be a meeting in Greenwood in October.

President’s Report:

Nothing to report.


Mike (VE1 XDT) said the Club Net would be starting Monday night. Kevin (VE1 KEV) will be the first Net Controller. A roster has been made up. Mike said they were trying to get a weekly DMR Net going, but were not sure what night to have it on. ( Wednesday at 9 pm ? ) Currently, they are using the NB Talk Group. They need volunteers to be Net Control. Between 5-7 would be ideal.

He said Moncton has lots of Nets, including the Sunday night Net and Simplex sideband. He said lots of new people are coming in.

Robert (VE1 RMJ) asked if NB had a new C-bridge repeater.

Mike (VE1 MWJ) said they don’t think XPR is working properly.

Terry (VE1 AS) said he had noticed a problem.

Mike (VE1 XDT) said people are too interested in hotspots.

Al (VE1 ZS) said there had been over 30 on the Wakeup Net including some visitors to the area.


Brad (VE1 ZX) reported that Lorne (VE1 BXK) was doing some testing in Springhill. He also said BHS wasn’t identifying. They put in some web switches and can now go in via the Internet.

They will need to update some controllers and software. Sand River’s unit will have to be sent away, so the site will be down for 2-3 weeks.

Unfinished Business:

Robert (VE1 RMJ) reported he had purchased 10 basic and 6 advanced study guides, for a total cost of $734.41. He had also found some practice tests in .pdf format.

Jim (VE1 JBL) said he had heard from a few people asking about books. He said Mike (VE1 MWJ) was getting calls from EMO groups the Sackville and Dorchester areas. They are thinking about holding a one day event in Dorchester.

Dana (VE1 VOX) wondered if the Club would offer to buy back the books later.

Ron (VE1 BIC) asked about the 2018 Bursary. Jim (VE1 JBL) said Jim (VE1 AFH) had taken care of it.

New Business:

Nothing to report.

Hints & Kinks:

Nothing to report.

Sick and Visiting:

It was reported that Rick (VE9 RWS) was still in the Sackville hospital but was doing better.

Technical & Operating Information:

Ron (VE1 BIC) said he had an issue with trees blocking the 900 MHz studio –transmitter link for CFTA. Mike (VE1 MWJ) had rectified the problem by felling some trees in the line of sight. Ron said this is the same scenario that would affect the MESH project.

Robert (VE1 RMJ) said Connect Systems was working on a new screen.

Jim (VE1 JBL) said radio World in Calgary was selling 9600’s for $299.00 but it was older technology. James (VE9 WIN) said the D-Star quality was getting better.


The September Brunch will be held on the 22nd at 11 am at Patterson’s Restaurant in Sackville.

In October, the Brunch is on the 13th at Breakfast at Brittney’s in Amherst. November-Oxford (tentative).

The 50-50 ($25.00) was won by Terry (VE1 AS)

Next Meeting:

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Municipality of Cumberland Building in Upper Nappan.

Adjournment: 8:50 pm.                 Ron Bickle (VE1 BIC) Secretary