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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

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January Club Meeting Recap

The January meeting of the WestCumb ARC was very well attended this month with 24 members participating including
Steve VE1OR, Mike VE1MY, Brad VE1ZX, Scott VE1CHL, Ron VE1BIC, Jim VE1JBL, Kevin VE1KEV, Eric VE1JW,
Gordon VE9GC, Joe VY2JC, George VY2GF, Bordon VA1CBC, Pravin VE9PKV, Lorne VE1BXK, Dave VE1DEH,
J.P. VE9ADV, Mike VE1ZB, Steve VE1SV, Jon VE1JSG, David VE9DWJ, Terry VE1AS, Matt VA1MRT, Robert VE1RMJ and our newest member Tom VE1TWH. The club now has 56 members.
There was talk about hard linking one of club repeaters to Moncton and Lorne VE1BXK went over different options to linking the repeaters. The club will ask for input from the Moncton club before going ahead.
SMART continues to be up in the air on weather it will take place or not. The committee will continue to monitor COVID and its impact on the event.
Next club meeting will be February 8th.
Below is a picture taken of all the members in the meeting tonight. This is the screen you would see if you were taking part in the meeting. Hopefully more members will fell comfortable in joining in. Contact Robert VE1RMJ if you have any questions about joining our meetings.


December club meeting recap

The December meeting of the WestCumb ARC was well attended again with 21 members including Kevin VE1KEV, Robert VE1RMJ, Eric VE1JW, Pravin VE9PKV, Ron VE1BBB, new club member Steve Jenkins VE1SV, George VY2GF, Gordon VE9GC, Matt VA1MRT, Scott VE1CHL, Steve VE1OR, Mike VE1MY, Brad VE1ZX, Brian VE1BSD, Jim VE1JBL, Peter VE1WIN, Ron VE1BIC, Ken VE1UF, Terry VE1AS, James VE9WIN and Dana VE1VOX. Regrets from Lorne VE1BXK.
Unfortunately for the second month in a row we had to pause for a minute of silence for a member of the club who has passed away.
Bob Perry VE1EDP became a silent key on November 30th. He was a very active member of the club. See info below.

The only business of the meeting was a talk about linking one of the local repeaters to Moncton full time.
After some discussion on equipment needed to set this up it was decided to set it aside for now.

Under technical it was brought up by Steve VE1OR about some new software to manage your SDR receiver.
What is special is the built in modules for decoding signals, for instance APRS, Packet, NOAA Weather and ADS-B air traffic amongst others. It also says it can demodulate DMR and D-STAR!

For the astronomy group, there is also radio astronomy capabilities built in and satellite tracking including the ISS of course.

There was some talk about SMART and George VY2GF has recruited several hams to give presentations but is still looking for someone who can give a presentation on wire antennas. Jim VE1JBL mentioned about drawing up the schedule times for 2022 which will change to allow more time between classes for setup and breakdown. He will also contact John Kruk N9UPC to see if he will be able to hold a Fusion / Wires X class at the event.
As it is still up in the air if the symposium will go ahead due to COVID, it was also brought up about having a backup plan in case we can't hold the symposium. Pravin Varma VE9PKV and try and draw something up we could use as a alternate plan.

Next club meeting will be January 11th, 2022
I will send out the link to the YouTube recording on the meeting via email ASAP.

The WARC executive would like to wish all club members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
See you all in 2022.

Bob Perry VE1EDP (SK)

The WestCumb ARC has lost a very respected member today with the passing of Bob Perry VE1EDP on November 30th, 2021. Bob was a long time member of the club and Communications officer for the County of Cumberland for many years.
Below are a few pictures of Bob. The first is a picture of myself with Bob as we toured the communications center of  Shubie Radio as members of Exercise Handshake. The second picture is Bob and Rick Sullivan VE9RWS (now both silent keys) running the coax from the new vertical antenna to the communications room at the Municipality of Cumberland. The third and forth pictures are of Jo-Ann and Bob welcoming visitors to the SMART symposium. When it came to amateur radio Bob was always there to volunteer if it was for Exercise Handshake, the pumpkin patrol, the cross border challenge and SMART. 
As a member of the club Bob was always the first to open the office for our club meetings, put on the coffee for the membership, and the last to leave after cleaning up after our meetings.
To Jo-Ann and the family on behalf of the WestCumb ARC our deepest condolences.
Bob Perry VE1EDP, this station has gone silent.

November club meeting recap

The November meeting of the WestCumb ARC was well attended via GOOGLE Meet. There were 22 members in attendance including Rob VE1RMJ, Al VE1ZS, Scott VE1CHL, Bordon VA1CBC, Brian VE1BSD, Eric VE1JW, Terry VE1AS,
Jim VE1JBL, Brad VE1ZX, Dana VE1VOX, David VE9DWJ, Peter VE1WIN, Pravin VE9PKV, Ron VE1BIC, Glenn VE9GK, Mike VE9ZB, Steve VE1OR, Bill VA1BIL, Mike VE1MY, James VE9WIN, George VY2GF and Lorne VE1BXK. Regrets from Craig VE1ECC, Gordon VE9GC and Dave VE1DEH.
The meeting began with a minute silence for club member Bob Tuttle VE1DR.
  •   Under sick & visiting it was mentioned that Bob Perry VE1EDP is in the Amherst Hospital.
  •   Under old business Robert VE1RMJ explained the operation of GOOGLE Meet and how we will be using it for our meetings. Jim VE1JBL has renewed Society status for the club and also has renewed our affiliation and insurance with the Radio Amateurs of Canada.
  •   Under new business Robert VE1RMJ spoke of AREDN Mesh and how it could be used by the club. He will be setting up a committee to look into this. If anyone is interested in taking part in this project contact Robert at
  •   Under correspondence Wayne Tuttle nephew of Bob Tuttle called Jim Langille to find out about Bob's radio equipment and how to sell them. I will be heading down to Pugwash soon to meet with him, log the radios and accessories and will them post them on the website for sale. It has not been finalize what will become of the funds from the sale. A notice will be put out to all members when these items are on the site. 
  • Mike Johnson VE1MWJ has retired as Cumberland Regional EMO Coordinator. He will soon be cleaning out his office and the club may need to log the items they own and remove them. More on this at a later date.

Club membership now stands at 54.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:23pm

Next club meeting will be December 14th.

Bob Tuttle VE1DR (SK)

It is with great sadness that I report that Bob Tuttle VE1DR has passed away at his home in Pugwash Junction NS.

Bob had been a long time member of the WestCumb ARC.

He was a regular net controller on the morning Wake-Up Net, back-up NCO for the WestCumb 2 Meter Net, one of several WARC operators that participated in the YMCA Cross border challenge, auxiliary member of Cumberland REMO and first operator of the VE1PFD ham radio station at the Pugwash Fire Hall and the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital.

Bob was also the “Talk-in Host” for the SMART Symposium guiding hams to the regular event in Springhill NS.

Bob was very interested in being part of the new VE1AMH Fusion repeater for Amherst and donated half of the funds needed to get the repeater up and running and the only request from him was to name the repeater in memory of his late wife Florence Tuttle.

Bob will be dearly missed by many hams around the Maritimes.

Below is a picture of Bob at his home in Pugwash Junction taken in October 2020 after we finished setting up his new fusion radio and installing a new dual band antenna at his home. The other photo is Bob (center) at the YMCA Cross Border Challenge providing communications for the event.  

Bob Tuttle VE1DR, this station has gone silent.

Recap October club meeting

The monthly general meeting of the WestCumb ARC was held on Oct.6th at the Truemanville Fire Hall. There were 7 members in attendance including Jim VE1JBL, Kevin VE1KEV, Ron VE1BIC, Rob VE1RMJ, Terry VE1AS, Brad VE1ZX and Mike VE1MWJ. Joe VE1JCC joined in later on via telephone. Everyone had their vaccine passport to enter the building.
The club voted to give Lorne Anderson VE1BXK funds for his many trips to Sand River lately. 
More amateur radio study guides have arrived and are available at CFTA in Amherst at 50 dollars cash per copy.
Joe VE1JCC gave a report dealing with the form club members filled out a few months ago. As of this date nothing has been done and does not look like much will be done in the future.
Mike Johnson VE1MWJ will contact the Amherst Police Dept. to see about having Pumpkin Patrol this year at Halloween. Contact Mike is interested in taking part.
Mike Johnson VE1MWJ is retiring from his REMO position at Cumberland. His hope is to be out of there by the end of November.
The club is now 50 members who have renewed their dues for the year. Check the MEMBERS webpage to see if you are on the list. If not, fill out the CLUB DUES form and send in the funds ASAP.
Jack McGee VE1CZD has audited the books and everything is in order. Jack receives a yearly membership to the club for the work he does looking after our books each year. Thank You Jack!

Recap September  Annual and General meeting

The first in person meeting since March 2020 took place Wednesday September 8th at the Truemanville Fire Hall. Eleven members attended including Kevin VE1KEV, Ron VE1BIC, Jim VE1JBL, Mike VE1MY, Jon VE1JSG, Robert VE1RMJ, James VE9WIN, Ron VE1BBB, Brad VE1ZX, Hal VE1LV and Terry VE1AS.
The executive remains the same with Kevin Burke VE1KEV (President), Mike Masters VE1ZB (Vice-President), Ron Bickle VE1BIC (Treasurer) and Jim Langille VE1JBL (Treasurer). Club Dues remain the same.
The only new business brought up at the general meeting was by Brad VE1ZX who ask the club for a donation to lifetime club member Ron MacKay VE1AIC who has done some upgrades to the VE1CRA repeater. As professional climbers had to do the work on the repeater while doing their own work on the tower the bill came in at 1500 dollars. After discussions it was voted on to donate 500 dollars to Ron for these upgrades.
With the passing of Rick VE9RWS it was also brought up that the club would like to have a new amateur radio examiner for giving exams to future amateur radio operators. Contact Brad Ross VE1ZX or myself Jim VE1JBL if interested.
A reminder the WestCumb ARC 2 meter net is back "On the Air" for another year. It takes place each Monday night at 8pm AT on the club repeater VE1WRC 147.285 and other MAVCOM repeaters. It is your net so please support it.
See photos below from the meeting.

A reminder it is time to renew your club dues. Fill out the form on the Club Dues page above and send me a cheque payable to "WestCumb ARC" or e-transfer via
To find out if you have paid or not click on the members page above.
Questions? Send me an email.

Club secretary Ron Bickle VE1BIC  receives Lifetime Membership Award

New CTCSS tone for VE1AMH

As part of the discussion and approval at the club meeting on Tuesday for a  common CTCSS tone frequency of 88.5 Hz for County of Cumberland, I have just updated VE1AMH VHF repeater for CTCSS tone of 88.5 Hz Tone Squelch decode-encode (originally 100.0 Hz).

Lorne VE1BXK

VE1AMH  Fusion Repeater "On the Air" May 19th, 2019



I am pleased to report Phase One is now completed and the DR-2X VHF repeater 145.190- is now "ON AIR" as of yesterday May 19 2019 @ 4:30 pm.  

I thought it more appropriate to install the DR-2X VHF Fusion Repeater project at Salem in two phases as more time would most likely be required to fit it all in just one day.


Phase One Installation (Completed May 19 2019)


Install VHF Multi-couplers in Rack 100

Install RX/TX RF RG-214 coaxial cables from Rack 303 DR-2X VHF Repeater to VHF Multi-coupler Rack 100

Terminate N-Male RF connectors on both RX/TX RF cables at Multi-coupler Rack 100

Install 2RU shelving for DR-2X VHF repeater and 1RU for HP Lap Top computer


Phase Two Installation (Completed June 1st, 2019)


Install HP Laptop WIRES-X computer and HRI-200 WIRES-X modem on 1RU shelving (already mounted) in Rack 303

Install D-Link DIR-819 router on top of IRLP Node 1RU computer in Rack 303 (1RU shelving maybe required if needed)

Install Web Switch 7 near bottom of Rack 303 (3RU blank panel required)

Update IRLP Node 1RU computer static IP information to match D-Link router already configured (Loan of Monitor & keyboard required on time only)

Connect HRI-200 to HP Laptop WIRES-X computer via USB port

Interface HRI-200 to DR-2X VHF repeater (ACC Port)

Set DR-2X from "REPEATER" mode to "WIRES-X" mode

Connect Laptop WIRES-X computer network port to D-Link router network port

Connect Web Switch 7 network port to D-Link router network port

Connect IRLP Node 1RU network port to D-Link router network port

Connect Seaside IP cable to D-Link router WAN port (internet drop)

AC remote outlets for interfacing in order of priority on power up:

D-Link router, HP Laptop,  DR-2X VHF Repeater, MSR2000 VHF Repeater, DC power supply, RLC-4 Repeater controller , (AC-DC adapter provided), IRLP Node

Test complete system for both Analog RF operation and WIRES-X internet operation


73,Lorne - VE1BXK