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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

News & Information

Bob Tuttle VE1DR (SK)

It is with great sadness that I report that Bob Tuttle VE1DR has passed away at his home in Pugwash Junction NS.

Bob had been a long time member of the WestCumb ARC.

He was a regular net controller on the morning Wake-Up Net, back-up NCO for the WestCumb 2 Meter Net, one of several WARC operators that participated in the YMCA Cross border challenge, auxiliary member of Cumberland REMO and first operator of the VE1PFD ham radio station at the Pugwash Fire Hall and the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital.

Bob was also the “Talk-in Host” for the SMART Symposium guiding hams to the regular event in Springhill NS.

Bob was very interested in being part of the new VE1AMH Fusion repeater for Amherst and donated half of the funds needed to get the repeater up and running and the only request from him was to name the repeater in memory of his late wife Florence Tuttle.

Bob will be dearly missed by many hams around the Maritimes.

Below is a picture of Bob at his home in Pugwash Junction taken in October 2020 after we finished setting up his new fusion radio and installing a new dual band antenna at his home. The other photo is Bob (center) at the YMCA Cross Border Challenge.

No information at this time for his obit but will forward when available. Mundle Funeral Home Pugwash NS

Bob Tuttle VE1DR, this station has gone silent.

Recap October club meeting

The monthly general meeting of the WestCumb ARC was held on Oct.6th at the Truemanville Fire Hall. There were 7 members in attendance including Jim VE1JBL, Kevin VE1KEV, Ron VE1BIC, Rob VE1RMJ, Terry VE1AS, Brad VE1ZX and Mike VE1MWJ. Joe VE1JCC joined in later on via telephone. Everyone had their vaccine passport to enter the building.
The club voted to give Lorne Anderson VE1BXK funds for his many trips to Sand River lately. 
More amateur radio study guides have arrived and are available at CFTA in Amherst at 50 dollars cash per copy.
Joe VE1JCC gave a report dealing with the form club members filled out a few months ago. As of this date nothing has been done and does not look like much will be done in the future.
Mike Johnson VE1MWJ will contact the Amherst Police Dept. to see about having Pumpkin Patrol this year at Halloween. Contact Mike is interested in taking part.
Mike Johnson VE1MWJ is retiring from his REMO position at Cumberland. His hope is to be out of there by the end of November.
The club is now 50 members who have renewed their dues for the year. Check the MEMBERS webpage to see if you are on the list. If not, fill out the CLUB DUES form and send in the funds ASAP.
Jack McGee VE1CZD has audited the books and everything is in order. Jack receives a yearly membership to the club for the work he does looking after our books each year. Thank You Jack!
The next meeting will be Wednesday November 3rd at the Truemanville Fire hall beginning at 7pm.

Mike Johnson VE1MWJ to retire as Cumberland EMO Coordinator

Cumberland Regional Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Johnson, has decided it is time to retire. Johnson has been in the role since 2014.

“Mike has served our region well over the last seven years guiding us through some of the most memorable situations of our lives,” said Greg Herrett, CAO for the Municipality of Cumberland. “I want recognize and thank Mike for his leadership and tireless devotion to his responsibilities.”

In his role, Johnson has been responsible for coordinating municipal responses to events such as Hurricane Dorian, the Oxford sinkhole, flooding of the Tantramar Marsh and other low-lying dykelands, closures of the Trans-Canada Highway and emergency preparedness education.

Over the years, Johnson engaged many stakeholders such as the local amateur radio club, NS emergency management office, local ground search and rescue groups, fire and policing services, NS Department of Health and many other volunteers and organizations. These relationships have ensured a coordinated and organized approach to emergency management activities in the Cumberland region.

Recently, Johnson was recognized by the Municipality of Cumberland for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to serving the Municipality of Cumberland and the Towns of Amherst and Oxford as the Cumberland Regional Emergency Management Coordinator, Johnson enjoyed a 30-year career with the RCMP.

“Mike’s boots will be big ones to fill,” Herrett said as he noted that the process to search for a replacement will begin immediately.

Recap September  Annual and General meeting

The first in person meeting since March 2020 took place Wednesday September 8th at the Truemanville Fire Hall. Eleven members attended including Kevin VE1KEV, Ron VE1BIC, Jim VE1JBL, Mike VE1MY, Jon VE1JSG, Robert VE1RMJ, James VE9WIN, Ron VE1BBB, Brad VE1ZX, Hal VE1LV and Terry VE1AS.
The executive remains the same with Kevin Burke VE1KEV (President), Mike Masters VE1ZB (Vice-President), Ron Bickle VE1BIC (Treasurer) and Jim Langille VE1JBL (Treasurer). Club Dues remain the same.
The only new business brought up at the general meeting was by Brad VE1ZX who ask the club for a donation to lifetime club member Ron MacKay VE1AIC who has done some upgrades to the VE1CRA repeater. As professional climbers had to do the work on the repeater while doing their own work on the tower the bill came in at 1500 dollars. After discussions it was voted on to donate 500 dollars to Ron for these upgrades.
With the passing of Rick VE9RWS it was also brought up that the club would like to have a new amateur radio examiner for giving exams to future amateur radio operators. Contact Brad Ross VE1ZX or myself Jim VE1JBL if interested.
A reminder the WestCumb ARC 2 meter net is back "On the Air" for another year. It takes place each Monday night at 8pm AT on the club repeater VE1WRC 147.285 and other MAVCOM repeaters. It is your net so please support it.
Next meeting tentative scheduled for October 6th at  the Truemanville Fire Hall. Any changes and I will let you know via the website and by email. See photos below from the meeting.

A reminder it is time to renew your club dues. Fill out the form on the Club Dues page above and send me a cheque payable to "WestCumb ARC" or e-transfer via
To find out if you have paid or not click on the members page above.
Questions? Send me an email.

Recap of June meeting

The final meeting of the WestCumb ARC for 2020-21 took place on June 1st, 2021.There were 20 members in attendance including Rob VE1RMJ, Scott VE1CHL, Ron VE1BIC, Kevin VE1KEV, Brad VE1ZX, David VE9DWJ, Peter VE1WIN, Mike VE1MY, Hal VE1LV, Pravin VE9PKV, Ron VE1BBB, Gordon VE9GC, Lorne VE1BXK, Jim VE1JBL, Terry VE1AS, Jon VE1JSG, Bill VA1BIL, James VE9WIN, Joe VY2JC and Dana VE1VOX. 

The club held a minute of silence in honor of Betty Rodd VE1LVW wife of club member Hal Rodd.

Under new business Mike Masters VE1ZB is looking for club members who may in interested in taking on Net Control Duties for the club net beginning in September. Contact Mike at

Mike Johnson VE1MWJ is also looking for club members interested in helping update the county resource directory for REMO. If interested, contact Mike at

Mike Johnson has also received magnetic signs for WARC club members to use during operations with REMO. 

President Kevin Burke gave a year end recap of club happenings over this difficult year. First of all he wanted to thank Robert Mannette VE1RMJ for setting up Google Meet for the club to use for online meetings.
He also mentioned the lost this year of one of our Lifetime club members Rick Sullivan VE9RWS.
For some good news we have continued to gain club members and we now stand at 49 members. All of us are hoping come September we will be able to have in person meetings. More on this as the summer goes on.

Finally the executive and directors of the club decided it was a good time to congratulate a long time member of the club. Ron Bickle VE1BIC has had his ham license for 30 years and also a club member for the same time. He also has been the club secretary for the past 23 years and because of this dedicated service to the club has become the latest member to be given a Lifetime Membership Award to the WARC.

Left to Right: Ron VE1BIC & Kevin VE1KEV

New CTCSS tone for VE1AMH

As part of the discussion and approval at the club meeting on Tuesday for a  common CTCSS tone frequency of 88.5 Hz for County of Cumberland, I have just updated VE1AMH VHF repeater for CTCSS tone of 88.5 Hz Tone Squelch decode-encode (originally 100.0 Hz).

Lorne VE1BXK

Quick recap May meeting.

There was a great turnout for the May meeting of the WARC. Nineteen members including Jim VE1JBL, Brad VE1ZX, Dave VE9DWJ, Gordon VE9GC, Kevin VE1KEV, Lorne VE1BXK, Mike VE1MY, Robert VE1RMJ, Scott VE1CHL, Terry VE1AS, Ron VE1BIC, Mike VE1ZB, Peter VE1WIN, Mike VE1MWJ, Dana VE1VOX, Craig VE1ECC, Ken VE1UF, Bill VA1BIL and Pravin VE9PKV.
A new router has been purchased by the club to be installed at the VE1AMH repeater site.
A new CTCSS tone has been added to the Sugarloaf repeater. (See below)
The Google Meet and domain will be cancelled after the June meeting and hopefully we will return to in person meetings come fall. If not Mike Johnson VE1MWJ has offered ZOOM as a fill in if needed.
Next club meeting June 1st, which will be the final club meeting for 2020-2021

VE1BHS Repeater Update

Greetings all club members,


This is to inform all amateur radio operators of implementation of a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) addition to the VE1BHS VHF repeater.


For all amateur radio operators’ end users, only the CTCSS encode function (no tone squelch) will be required with an assigned frequency of 88.5 Hertz.

The CTCSS activation will commence May 1, 2021 at 12 am local.


This is in part mostly due to an ongoing (almost two years and counting) QRM triggering the receiver COR which in turn activates the repeater transmitter with noise related signal from an unknown origin.

To date the source of the QRM has not been indentified or located even after major VHF multi-coupler retuning-verification in 2020 with a Siglent SSA3021X spectrum analyzer.


If you have questions in related to this notice regarding CTCSS activation at VE1BHS repeater, send your query to me directly.




Lorne Anderson  VE1BXK

Quick Recap April Meeting

There were 13 members taking part in the meeting including Kevin VE1KEV, Rob VE1RMJ, Lorne VE1BXK, David VE9DWJ, Gordon VE9GC, Dave VE1DEH, Pravin VE9PKV, Joe VY2JC, Brad VE1ZX, Rob VE1BIC, Jon VE1JSG, Terry VE1AS and Mike VE1ZB. The only business brought up was the monitor Lorne ordered and it showed up DOA so the money has been returned to the club. It was a very quiet meeting with not much to talk over.
Next meeting will be May 4th, 2021

WARC March meeting recap

There was a great turnout at the regular club meeting of the WestCumb ARC Tuesday night.
Nineteen members including Rob VE1RMJ, Lorne VE1BXK, Bill VA1BIL, Brad VE1ZX, Dana VE1VOX, Dave VE1DEH, David VE9DWJ, Jerry VE1KW, Joe VY2JC, John VE1CWJ, Kevin VE1KEV, James VE9WIN, Pravin VE9PKV, Ron VE1BIC, Scott VE1CHL, Mike VE1ZB, Terry VE1AS and two of our newest members Peter VE1WIN and Jean-Pierre VE9ADV.
During the net it was brought up about the club net and how we could honor Rick Sullivan VE9RWS (SK) who hosted the net for over twenty years. It was decided at starting next week to dedicate each net till the end of the year in remembrance of Rick.
Brad VE1ZX congratulated John VE1CWJ on passing his advance amateur radio ticket. Congratulations John.
Next meeting will be April 6th, 2021.

Rick Sullivan VE9RWS (SK)

Top L to R - Lifetime Membership, Repeater Committee, Final WARC Net 
Bottom L to R - Summer NSARA Picnic 2010, Rick with VE9DOG at Field Day, Applause for 20 years as WARC NCO.
Click on picture for full view.    Obituary  CLICK HERE

Club Meeting Feb.2nd, 2021

Greetings all club members,

We had a great meeting tonight with 22 members online.

Highlights included passing a motion to allow e-transfers to be used to pay bills for the club.

New study Guides will be ordered which will also include a couple of advanced guides to go along with the basic guides.

The club welcomed a new member tonight Bob MacWilliams VE1AJQ. Bob lives just outside Sackville NB. Welcome aboard Bob.

The club net is doing very well with almost 50 check-ins per week now.

The club congratulated Dana Rushton VE1VOX on the record he set for a satellite contact recently.

Robert VE1RMJ experimented with having a live feed via YouTube. This may come in handy for those who just want to take in the meetings without actually being connected with Google Meet.

More on this at a later date.

Next meeting March 2nd, 2021

New ZBox Computer Arrived - New Mini PC for VE1AMH Wires Monday November 16th.

Picture of club member Bob Tuttle VE1DR at this home QTH in Pugwash Junction NS.

A new Diamond X50 dual band antenna had just been installed in the middle of the roof to be used with his new Yaesu Fusion FTM 7250D radio.

Bob donated a large portion of the funds towards the purchase of the DR-2X repeater in memory of his late wife Florence.

Welcome to Fusion & Wires-X Bob.

September Meeting Recap

Greetings all members,
 Here is a quick recap from the video meeting Thursday night.
The annual meeting was first and the executive will remain the same for the 2020-2021 year. President Kevin Burke VE1KEV, Vice-President Mike Masters VE1ZB, Ron Bickle VE1BIC Secretary and Jim Langille VE1JBL Treasurer.
Club dues will remain the same and all members are reminded to renew their dues as it is more important and other times due to COVID. All members are reminded dues can be by cheques to my address or E-transfer which is becoming very popular with members. I had 9 members sign up via E-transfer yesterday.
All members are asked to fill out the membership form on the club website so that I will have a hard copy to verify your funds and where they go. The form is easy to fill out and CLICK TO SUBMIT at the bottom. Any questions about the form contact me by phone or email.
The first general meeting of the new year followed the annual meeting with 15 members including new member John Langille VE1CWJ. Welcome John!
The club voted to have Robert Mannette VE1RMJ purchase Google Meet for our future club meetings. This way, amateurs without video will still be able to join the monthly meeting via calling in on their telephone. More on this to come soon.
Lorne Anderson VE1BXK will purchase the Spectrum Analyzer the club purchased last year at the same price as the original purchase. These funds will go back into the club account. Thanks Lorne!
Jack McGee VE1CZD has audited our books for the past year and found everything in good order. Thanks Jack!
The WARC club net started up again this past Monday with Bob Tuttle VE1DR as the first NCO. The net was well attended with over 20 check-ins and a reminder this is your club net so take the opportunity to support the net and check in on Monday nights at 8pm AT. Mike Masters will be sending out a schedule for Net Controllers soon. If anyone wants to take on NCO duties for the club net contact Mike at
Next club meeting will be Oct.1st via Google Meet. Contact Robert VE1RMJ to get information on joining the meeting.
Everyone have a great month and stay safe.

Raspberry Pi Class

The WestCumb ARC hosted a Raspberry Pi class on Saturday Jan.11th, 2020. Ten members and two guest participated during the 7 hour class. Robert Mannette VE1RMJ headed the class and took members from downloading software, putting the Pi's together from scratch to bringing them online.
More pictures can be found in the Photo Gallery.
Taking part today were Robert Mannette VE1RMJ, Brad Ross VE1ZX, Mike Masters VE1ZB, Dave Jones VE9DWJ, Pat Robichaud VE1JPR, Jim Hannon VE1AFH, Ken Holmes VE1UF, Kevin Burke VE1KEV, Ron Bickle VE1BIC, Parvin Varma VE9PKV, Jon Gordon VE1JSG and Jim Langille VE1JBL

VE1AMH  Fusion Repeater "On the Air" May 19th, 2019



I am pleased to report Phase One is now completed and the DR-2X VHF repeater 145.190- is now "ON AIR" as of yesterday May 19 2019 @ 4:30 pm.  

I thought it more appropriate to install the DR-2X VHF Fusion Repeater project at Salem in two phases as more time would most likely be required to fit it all in just one day.


Phase One Installation (Completed May 19 2019)


Install VHF Multi-couplers in Rack 100

Install RX/TX RF RG-214 coaxial cables from Rack 303 DR-2X VHF Repeater to VHF Multi-coupler Rack 100

Terminate N-Male RF connectors on both RX/TX RF cables at Multi-coupler Rack 100

Install 2RU shelving for DR-2X VHF repeater and 1RU for HP Lap Top computer


Phase Two Installation (Completed June 1st, 2019)


Install HP Laptop WIRES-X computer and HRI-200 WIRES-X modem on 1RU shelving (already mounted) in Rack 303

Install D-Link DIR-819 router on top of IRLP Node 1RU computer in Rack 303 (1RU shelving maybe required if needed)

Install Web Switch 7 near bottom of Rack 303 (3RU blank panel required)

Update IRLP Node 1RU computer static IP information to match D-Link router already configured (Loan of Monitor & keyboard required on time only)

Connect HRI-200 to HP Laptop WIRES-X computer via USB port

Interface HRI-200 to DR-2X VHF repeater (ACC Port)

Set DR-2X from "REPEATER" mode to "WIRES-X" mode

Connect Laptop WIRES-X computer network port to D-Link router network port

Connect Web Switch 7 network port to D-Link router network port

Connect IRLP Node 1RU network port to D-Link router network port

Connect Seaside IP cable to D-Link router WAN port (internet drop)

AC remote outlets for interfacing in order of priority on power up:

D-Link router, HP Laptop,  DR-2X VHF Repeater, MSR2000 VHF Repeater, DC power supply, RLC-4 Repeater controller , (AC-DC adapter provided), IRLP Node

Test complete system for both Analog RF operation and WIRES-X internet operation


73,Lorne - VE1BXK