Amherst, Nova Scotia

WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia

The WestCumb ARC is pleased to host the 4th annual

Symposium for Maritime

Amateur Radio Technicians

“To provide insight into the technical and procedural aspects of amateur radio operation.”


DATE: April 27th, 2019   
Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Center
6 Main St. Springhill NS


  • Interested in putting on a class? Contact George Dewar VY2GF with your details.

  • Interested in a table for the flea market this year? Contact Jim Langille VE1JBL 

  • Any club or individual that would like to help out with door prizes (gift cards, etc.) contact
Jim Langille VE1JBL
473 Green Road Tidnish Bridge NS B4H3X9

Talk-In  (VE1WRC Amherst 147.285+)

Doors open to vendors and presenters at 7am, general public 8am

Entrance Fee - $5.00  ( Includes free Yaesu System Fusion ball cap )

Tea, coffee, muffins, cookies available in morning 

Classes begin at 9am with the last classes at 4pm

12 classes (6 morning + 6 afternoon)

Multiple door prizes (Gas cards, bridge pass, gift cards, etc.)

Tickets for 50/50 & Grand prizes (2 Fusion Radios)

Flea Market in arena

Free lunch provided 12 noon - 1:30pm (Barbecued Hot Dogs & Hamburgers)

Door Prize Draws (12:30pm) - Grand Prize Draws (3:30pm)

Overnight parking for RV's & campers. No hookups.

Amateur Radio Displays

  • Ron MacKay VE1AIC - Multi-mode digital voice demo setup with hotspots and repeaters
  • Brad Ross VE1ZX - Yaesu System Fusion and Wires-X display & demo
  • NEW - Bob Sherwood Memorial VE9-VY2 QSL Bureau
  • John Scott VE1JS - will check QSL cards for DXCC, WAS, WAC, VUCC and all RAC sponsored awards.
    Those wishing to use this service should contact me ahead of time. We need to get the paperwork right!

NEW  Hospitality room available for small group meetings

NEW  Canteen available throughout the day. (cash only)

        Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, chips, fries, onion rings, chicken strips, etc.

Local Motels

Super 8 Motel

40 Lord Amherst Dr, 
Amherst, NS B4H 4W6
Phone: (902) 701-9853

Comfort Inn

143 S Albion St, 
Amherst, NS B4H 2X2
Phone: (902) 667-0404

Coastal Inn

15 Wright St, 
Sackville, NB E4L 4P8
Phone: (506) 536-0000

Pied Piper Motel

19038 Hwy 2, 
Amherst, NS B4H 3Y4
Phone: (902) 667-0330

Tantramar Motel

4 Robson Ave, 
Sackville, NB E4L 4H8
Phone: (506) 536-1327
20% discount for amateurs registered for SMART

Wandlyn Inn

1539 Southampton Rd, Amherst, NS 
Phone: (902) 667-3331

Victorian Motel

150 Victoria St E, 
Amherst, NS B4H 1Y3
Phone: (902) 667-7211

Parkview Inn

4670 Main St,
Oxford, NS B0M 1P0
Phone: (902) 447-2258

Schedule & Times

        *** Subject to change ***


Thank you for your interest in S.M.A.R.T.
If you asked a question we will get back to you as soon as possible
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(93) Amateurs, XYL's & Non Amateurs Registered

VA1BIL    Bill    Sproul
VA1PYE    Chris     Pye
VA1RST    Roger    Stein
VA1TIM    Tim    Delaney
VE1AFH    Jim    Hannon
VE1AHF    Doug    Holmes
VE1AIC    Ron     MacKay
VE1AJK    Jason    Karle
VE1AS    Terry    Duncan
VE1BAB    Wayne     Blenkhorn
VE1BBB    Ron     Blue
VE1CHL    Scott    McNutt
VE1CM    John    MacDonald
VE1COR    Andy    Cornwall
VE1DC    Thomas    Brazil
VE1DEH    Dave    Harris
VE1DFG    Doug    Grace
VE1DLH    Rick    Hull
VE1DR    Bob    Tuttle
VE1DSS    Craig     Seaboyer
VE1EDP    Bob    Perry
VE1FA    Fred    Archibald
VE1FAL    Doug    McComber
VE1GRE    Greg    LaPierre
VE1HUL    Dave    Hull
VE1II    Bruce     Harvey
VE1IQ    Brian    DeAthe
VE1JBL    Jim    Langille
VE1JS    John    Scott
VE1JSG    Jon    Gordon
VE1JSO    Jerry    Osborn
VE1KEV    Kevin    Burke
VE1LAU    Laurie    Cormier
VE1LFS    Logan    Shaw
VE1LV    Hal    Rodd
VE1MBH    Michael    Harvey
VE1MY    Mike    Embree
VE1NR    Wayne     King
VE1OO    Jim    Holmes
VE1PHL    Phil    Hunter

VE1PR    Bob    Romano
VE1PS    Peter    Service
VE1PYE    Jason    Ingraham
VE1QD    Scott    Wood
VE1QET    Quentin    Hickey
VE1RMJ    Robert     Mannette
VE1RSM    Robert     Schofield
VE1TH    Sharon    Mooers-Henry
VE1UF    Ken    Holmes
VE1VOX    Dana    Rushton
VE1XP    George    Richards
VE1YY    Bill    Karle
VE1ZB    Mike    Masters
VE1ZG    Doug     Henry
VE1ZS    Al     Christie
VE1ZX    Brad    Ross
VE9ARG    Andre    Goguen
VE9ASB    Larry    McKnight
VE9BGC    Bernie     Cormier
VE9BK    Jean-Paul    LeBlanc
VE9BP    Art    Gunn
VE9CB    Dave    Goodwin
VE9CJB    Curtis     Baxter
VE9DSO    Doug    St.Onge
VE9DWJ    David     Jones
VE9GC    Gordon    Cotton
VE9GJ    Glenn    Taylor
VE9GLF    Linda    Friars
VE9IM    Ian    MacFarquhar
VE9JLF    Michel    Landry
VE9KM    Rob     Ireland
VE9KW    Ken    Williams
VE9LJW    Lee    Williams
VE9ML    Marcel    LeBlanc
VE9MY    Len    Morgan
VE9OSK    Oscar    LeBlanc
VE9PKV    Pravin    Varma
VE9RON    Reynald     Fortier
VE9SF    Steve     Frost
VE9TTT    Paul    Cant

VE9VEA    Vernon     Amberman
VE9WIN    James    Oh
VE9XAB    Tobie    Boutot
VE9YHR    Yvon    Roy
VE9ZY    Malcolm    Smith
VO1NO    Al    Penney
VY2CAW    William    Caw
VY2GF    George    Dewar
VY2HF    Brent    Taylor
VY2JC    Joe    Clements
VY2TAM    Therese    Mair
VY2XU    Alan    Beck
XYL-EDP    Jo-Ann    Reynolds