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WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

S.M.A.R.T. 2018

S.M.A.R.T. 2018 is now in the history books.

On Friday Apr.28th at 6pm organizers and volunteers from the WestCumb ARC arrived at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Center in Springhill NS to transform the Center into a ham radio venue for one hundred and forty two hams.
Saturday morning started early again for the volunteers who showed up at 7am to get the building ready for the hams at 8am. Coffee, tea and breakfast treats were set up, flea market and display vendors arrived to set up their tables, registration, name tags, 50/50 and raffle ticket tables were prepared and the final tests of sound boards, wireless mics and projectors were checked.
At 8:45am everyone was asked to join the organizers in the main room for opening remarks by Cumberland County Regional EMO Coordinator Mike Johnson VE1MWJ followed by SMART Coordinator Jim Langille VE1JBL.

Classes started at 9am in both rooms and continued till noon when the much anticipated barbecue was ready to go in the arena. After everyone had sat down to enjoy their hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks Mike Johnson and Jim Langille started calling out some of the door prizes winners (see winners below)
At 1pm classes started up again and when the classes were done at 1:45pm everyone was ushered outside to get a group photo using the Cumberland Regional EMO drone.
Classes began again at 2pm and during those classes organizers drew the remaining door prizes and posted them on the large white board located in the main display area. When the classes were let out at 2:45pm everyone was ask to check the white board to see if they were a door prize winner and at the same time the raffle prize winners would be drawn for.
At 3pm classes continue and at 4pm the final classes took part until closing at 5pm.

New events this year were antenna displays in the arena thanks to Bernie Cormier VE9BGC and Al Penney VE1NO.
Another new event was a small flea market inside the arena to go along with the "Out of Trunk". Registered amateurs would receive a table to display their items as long as there was someone there to look after the table throughout the day. If not, they could still park just outside the arena loading door to show their items. Not sure how many items were sold but did notice amateurs heading out the door throughout the day with different items. Thanks to Kevin Burke VE1KEV for looking after the flea market tables and helping the hams set up in the morning.
Another new feature this year was a sit down area for lunch. After receiving their food, amateurs had plenty of room inside the arena to sit, eat and chat with fellow amateurs throughout the lunch hour.

I would like to thank Kevin Burke VE1KEV, Mike Masters VE1ZB and Robert Mannette VE1RMJ for again looking after the  three barbecues and somehow feeding over one hundred and twenty hungry hams and volunteers during the hour.

Special thanks to Treva Hebb wife of club member Peter Hebb VE1SM who looked after the breakfast tables and kept the coffee and tea going throughout the day.

Thanks to Jo-Ann Reynolds and Bob Perry VE1EDP for looking after the registration table and giving out the name tags. Jo-Ann and Bob also helped give out the burgers and dogs during the lunch hour.

Thanks to Mike Embree VE1MY and Al Christie VE1ZS who manned the 50/50 table and to Dana Rushton VE1VOX and Don Roland VE1AOE who looked after the raffle tickets. Dana also spent many hours talking to people to obtain many of the door and raffle prizes. He also made the raffle prize tickets and obtained the lottery license for the event.

Thanks to Bernie Cormier VE9BGC and Ron Bickle VE1BIC Station Manager of CFTA Community Radio 107.9FM in Amherst for looking after the setting up of the sound systems in both rooms and looking after any problems that would arise. Ron also took most of the photos of this year's event. See Photo Album.

Thanks to Mike Johnson VE1MWJ and the County of Cumberland for getting us the building to hold this event and for the use of the county barbecues.

A huge thank you to all of the clubs and individuals who donated prizes this year to the event. I was overwhelmed by the response. They include Craig Seaboyer VE1DSS, Scott Davis N3FJP, The Maritime Amateur, Tri-County ARC, Fredericton ARC, Yarmouth ARC, Marc Ouellette VE9MAO, Scott McNutt VE1CHL, Hull Electrical Service Ltd, Truro ARC, Radioworld, Moncton & Area ARC, Bob Tuttle VE1DR, Holmes Security, Jerry Hannah, Radio Amateurs of Canada, WestCumb ARC and Belair Tech.

Thank you to the WestCumb ARC in Amherst for purchasing a PEI Bridge Pass to give as a prize to one lucky amateur from Prince Edward Island to offset the cost of coming to this event.

Thanks to the following for the major prizes, Radioworld, Jentronics, WestCumb ARC and Truro Heights DMR Group.

Thanks to all the presenters who did a wonderful job throughout the day including J.P. Leblanc VE9BK, Brent Taylor VY2HF, Gerry Hull VE1RM/W1VE, Sean Bridge VE1XOP, Bernie Cormier VE9BGC, Craig Seaboyer VE1DSS, Al Penney VO1NO, Dave Hull VE1HUL, Tobie Boutot VE9XAB, Dave Goodwin VE9CB, Bob Robichaud VE1MBR and special guest Cory Sickles WA3UVV from Yaesu USA who came here and gave a wonderful presentation on Fusion Radios, repeaters and their technology.   Cory also had a display table showing off Fusion radios.
Other displays included Brad Ross VE1ZX showing off his Fusion setup and Ron MacKay VE1AIC who had two tables showing off his D-Star, Fusion and DMR radios along with several Hot Spots to complete the setup.

A big Thank You to Bob Tuttle VE1DR who was up very early to be Net Control Station for the Talk-in frequency. Bob was mobile in the parking lot for most of the morning directing traffic to the Center and was available if anyone was lost or broken down.

Thank you to the staff at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Center for looking after us again this year with the setting up for the event and helping us with anything we needed to make this event run smoothly.

Thanks to the organizers of this event including George Dewar VY2GF, Bernie Cormier VE9BGC and Kevin Burke VE1KEV.

Finally a big thank you to all the amateurs and future amateurs who registered online and attended this year's event.

Final attendance figures.
Registered - 125 of 142
Walk-In -         8
TOTAL -      133

Photo Album is working at this time. More pictures will be added as they come in.  CLICK HERE or go to Photo Gallery.

Please use the new form below to fill out and critique this year's event (see below).
These comments will be added at the end of this page.
FYI, after last year's comments four concerns were addressed and amended this year so please let us know your thoughts good and bad. It helps us make a better event.
Without you, the amateurs, this event would not take place.

Thanks again from the organizers of S.M.A.R.T. and the WestCumb ARC in Amherst for your support of this event. Hope to see all of you next year.

S.M.A.R.T. 2018 Door Prize Winners & Donators 

Amateur Radio Software
 Scott Davis N3FJP
 Pat Phelan VE1WE
 RAC Membership
 Dave Goodwin VE9CB / RAC Atlantic Director
 Michael Harvey VE1MBH
 $50.00 Gas card
 Maritimer Amateur  (Ham Radio for Maritimers by Maritimers)
  William Caw
 $50.00 Gas card
 Tri-County ARC
 Marcel LeBlanc VE9ML
 $50.00 Gas card
 Fredericton ARC
 Charles Levasseur VE9CEL
 $50.00 Gas card
 Yarmouth ARC
 Steve Brogan VE1WXW
 $25.00 Gas card
 Marc Ouellette VE9MAO in memory of Pat Lizotte VE1KIT
 Jim Sutherland  VE1JDS
 $25.00 Gas card
 Scott McNutt VE1CHL
 Logan Shaw VE1LFS
 $25.00 Gas card
 Hull Electrical Service Ltd. Truro NS
 Silas Cheeseman VE9SI
 $25.00 Gas card
 Hull Electrical Service Ltd. Truro NS
 Therese Mair
 $25.00 Gas card
 Hull Electrical Service Ltd. Truro NS
 Doug McComber VE1FAL
 $25.00 Gas card
 Hull Electrical Service Ltd. Truro NS
 Brent Taylor VY2HF
 $25.00 Gas card
 Truro ARC
 Isaac Carlin VE1XL
 $25.00 Gas card
 Truro ARC
 Jim Holmes VE1OO
 $25.00 Gift card
 Ron Byers VE1AMU
 $25.00 Gift card
 Glenn Taylor VE9GJ
 $25.00 Gift card
 Peter Hebb VE1SM
 $20.00 Gas Card
 Moncton & Area ARC
 Sean Bridge VE1XOP
 $20.00 Gas Card
 Moncton & Area ARC
 Robert Schofield VE1RSM
 $20.00 Gas Card
 Moncton & Area ARC
 Reynard Fortier VE9RON
 $20.00 Gas Card
 Moncton & Area ARC
 Jeff Briggs VY2ZM
 $20.00 Gas Card
 Moncton & Area ARC
 John Langille VE1CWJ
 $20.00 Gift
 Bob Tuttle VE1DR in memory of his wife Florence
 Aaron Bradley VA1ARN
 Dead bolt lock set
 Holmes Security Truro NS
 Hal Rodd VE1LV
 Kenwood hat
 Craig Seaboyer VE1DSS
 Kenwood hat
 Daniel Gallent
 Yaesu hat
 Al Christie VE1ZS
 Yaesu hat
 Andre Goguen VE9ARG
 MFJ Coffee mug
 Rob Ireland VE9KM
 MFJ coffee mug
 Misha LeBlanc VE9GIS
 RAC hat
 Jerry Hannah VE1KW
 Ken Holmes VE1UF
 DMR mic
 Belair Tech
 Greg Carlin VE1XLP
 Raspberry PI3
 Craig Seaboyer (following his class presented this gift)
 Francis Albert VE1FFA

50/50 Winner - Ron Blue VE1BBB

PEI Bridge Pass Winner  donated by WestCumb ARC - Alan Beck VY2XU

S.M.A.R.T. Raffle Prize Winners 

  $50.00 Gift card
  Phil Hunter VE1PHL
  Weller Soldering Station
  Ron Byers VE1AMU
  Surecom Quad Band Mobile
  Truro Heights DMR Group
  Gordon O'Hearn VA1LDS
  TYT DMR portable 2017
  WestCumb ARC
  Gerry Hull VE1RM

Amateurs registered for S.M.A.R.T. 2018 - (142)

  Kevin VE1KEV
  George VY2GF
  Bernie VE9BGC
  Dave VE1HUL
  Yvon VE1VON
 Mike VE1XDT
Robert VE1RMJ
  Dana VE1VOX
  Mike VE1MWJ
  Scott VE1CHL
  James VE9WIN
 Brad VE1ZX
Brent VY2HF
Brian VE1IQ 
  Logan VE1LFS
Dave VE9CB
 Curtis VE9CJB
 Hal VE1LV
 Gordon VE9BCD
  Sterling VE9SK
  Doug VE1AHF
  Art VE9BP
  Rick VE1DLH
  Bill VA1BIL
  Jean-Paul VE9BK
  Misha VE9GIS
 Derek VE1WRG
  John VE1CM
  Bob VE1MBR
  James VE1JCS
  Ian VE9IM
  Tobie VE9XAB
 John VA1JON
  Craig VE1DSS
  Ken VE1UF
  Aaron VA1ARN
Peter VE1SM
 Francis VE1FFA
 Gary VA1GGM
Reynald VE9RON
  Luigi VE1XBJ
Lindsey VE1LCG
 Michael VE1MBH
 Bruce VE1II
 Larry VO1HL
  Alan VY2XU
  Bob VE1PR
  Bob VE1EDP
  Jo-Ann Reynolds
  Treva Hebb
  Al VE1ZS
  Doug VE9DSO
 Wayne VE1WPH
  Jim VE1CHI
  Silas VE9SI
  Glenn VE9GJ
  Ron VE1BIC
  Jim VE1JDS
 Marcel VE9ML
  Donald VE1SS
  Andre VE9ARG
   Phil VE1PHL
  Greg VE1HGR
 Joe VO1BQ
  George VE1XP
  Jason VE1AJK
  William Caw
Bill VE1YY
  Francis VE9FCP
 Paul VE9TTT
 Gordon VE9GC
  Dave VE1DEH
  Paul VE1PM
  Gerry VE1RM
 Andy VE9DX
 Jerry VE1KW
 Kaye VE1YH
  Jerry VE9CD
  Ken VE9KW
 Malcolm VE9ZY
 Lorne VE1BXK
  Mike VE1MY
  Sean VE1XOP
  John VE1JS
  John VE9TFB
   Tim VA1TIM
  Gordon VA1LDS
  Steve VE1WXW
  Todd Cameron
  John VE1CWJ
  Jim Teed
Tanya Teed
 Therese Mair
  John VE1JCH
  Faye Haley
  Eric VE1JW
 David VE9CU
 Yvon VE9YHR
Raymond VE1BFW
  Scot VA1WTF
  Rick VE9RWS
  Oscar VE9OSK
 Larry VE9ASB
  Kevin VE1AVL
  Ken VY2RU
Laurie VE1LAU
Michel VE9JFL
 Pravin VE9PKV
  George VE1KA
  Rob VE1JT
Charles VE9CEL
  Rick VE9RK
Scott VE1QD
 Gordie VE9MM
  Joe VY2JC
  Daniel Gallant
  Jim VE1JWM
Isaac VE1XL
  Greg VE1XLP
 Paul VE9PM
  Dan Aris
  Robert VE1RSM
  Jim VE1AFH
Barry VE1TRI
  Jim VE1OO
 Bob VE1DR
 Denis VE9EMS
  Doug VE1IOU
Gilles VE9NW
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Comments after S.M.A.R.T. 2018

A great Ham Day get away. Enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. See u on the air and again at a future SMART. 73 
Joe Earles VO1BQ - St.John's, NL
Great, but I wanted to attend both Bernie and Tobie's talks, :( Loved the fleamarket :)

Misha LeBlanc VE9GIS - Moncton, NB

Hello everyone.
I must say I was impressed and very happy to attend this event. The presentations were great, everyone was enthusiastic and eager to give us a super day. The food was very good and service excellent. A big thank you to all that helped make this day a success. A special thank you to all the donators that made this event even more fun with all the prizes.
Thank you all and hope to be there with more members from Bathurst next year.
Reynald Fortier VE9RON - Bathurst, NB
Outside group pix was taken while a session was still going on in the med room leaving out many participants. Also would like to see the sessions run longer to allow more time for the presenters to finish their sessions
Ron Blue VE1BBB - Amherst, NS
S.M.A.R.T. 2018 was a really great event. It ran very smoothly and it was full of excellent presenters, interesting displays, welcoming organizers and wonderful people. It was, indeed, an excellent day. As an overnight camper at the event, I felt looked after and watched out for, which I greatly appreciated. The only suggestion I can make is to require more as a registration fee. I'm sure $5 barely covers the cost of the excellent treats, beverages and lunch that was provided. If you doubled the price of registration next year, I would still be extremely glad to spend the money on such a worthwhile event.
With warmest regards,
Therese Mair - Georgetown, PE
I want to congratulate your committee for an outstanding job in organizing this year's symposium.
I'm sure the word will get around and I wouldn't be surprised if attendance keeps rising.
J.P. LeBlanc VE9BK - Moncton, NB
I want to personally thank you all for a wonderful time yesterday. It is the best event for all hams in the maritime. I did meet a few hams I talk to but never met. I truly enjoyed taking care of the big room with George. I think we should do the same for next year. I have two presentation in mind for next year. 

Everything was perfect especially eating in the arena. It is fun to sit and talk to fellow hams.

The only issue I had was the intermittent audio of the remote mic. The other room had the same problem. I suspect the mics were interacting. I am sure we can resolve the problem.

Talk soon and thanks again for your devotion to our fantastic hobby.

Bernie Cormier VE9BGC - Greater Lakeburn, NB
Overall a fantastic day! Thoroughly enjoyed the range of topics covered. Seemed to be something for just about everyone from the things for new comers to topics of interest to those of us who have been in the hobby for any years (coming up on 40 years licensed for me). The presenters that I listened to were all well prepared and their love of the topic came through.
The mini flea market was a nice touch. I'll have to remember to bring more funds with me in the future.

The coffee and snacks was well organized and to be honest I was more than surprised that this was provided all day at no cost. The lunch was well organized. Having participated in the preparation and presentation of food to a large group I felt it was very well organized and ran smoothly.

Things that might be considered for future events? Well I was disappointed that I "had" to leave half way through the System Fusion presentation to attend the Canwarn session. No one seemed to know that it was going to be a single session and not a 2 X 1 session.

Personally I would have liked to spend time with Ron and his digital radio display. Perhaps in the future something like that could be incorporated into a presentation similar to the others. Only having the break periods to check it out wasn't ideal for those of us who wanted to attend the various "classroom" sessions.

If this event keeps on going, I can see it becoming a two day event and maybe even the "Dayton of the North"

In naval parlance, Bravo Zulu (well done) to all the organizing team!
Gordon Cotton VE9GC - Notre-Dame, NB
When announcements for prizes was taking place in the arena the sound system was inadequate to be heard in some areas of the arena.
Jerry Arsenault VE9CD -Fredericton, NB
S.M.A.R.T What a great event!
I am sure everyone enjoyed the day. The event ran smoothly and was very well organized. I see in the above comments everyone was recognized for their contributions save for one very important person. Jim Langille VE1JBL. Jim already spends countless hours supporting the Maritime Amateur Radio community with his web page the Maritime Amateur and more locally with the WestCumb club webpage and regular club duties. Jim also works tirelessly in organizing the S.M.A.R.T. event. During the event he's the go-to guy for everything, it's because of his dedication to the hobby and hard work that the day runs so smoothly. Not to mention the countless emails and meetings before the event. I am sure Jim sleeps very well on that Saturday night. So I'm taking this opportunity to thank Jim for all his hard work making this event such a great day for everyone.
Dana Rushton VE1VOX - Truro Heights, NS
Wonderful event. Well organized and cant think of one extra thing you could have done. Now how to top that for next year. Maybe go back to some DX topics even though the bands are bad but it might draw the other original side of amateur radio operators. Great job...... Doug.
Doug Grace VE1DFG - Lower Sackville, NS
I thought S.M.A.R.T. was brilliant: excellent speakers on interesting topics (some beyond where I am as a newbie); great displays; lots of door prizes; very well run; and everyone was made to feel welcome! I can't help but believe next year's will be bigger again than this year's symposium.
Tim Delaney VA1TIM - Stewiacke, NS
The 2018 edition of SMART was a well balanced offering. Instructional classes acknowledged the diversity of the hobby. The newly added sales tables and trunk sales sprinkled spice on the day. Speaking of spice, the continuous coffee/tea with baked goods service and the BBQ lunch kept participants fuelled for more eye-ball QSOs and classes. A surprise this year was the presence of vendors RadioWorld and Yaesu, in the latter case, with actual equipment that could be touched!

I have only gratitude and praise for the organizers, volunteers, speakers, vendors, and management of the site. I have appreciation for the attendees for, without them, it would not be a successful happening.

See you next year!
Bill Karle VE1YY - Lantz, NS
I had a great time, sold and bought stuff, great presentations and a good lunch.
I plan to go again next year.
Andre Goguen VE9ARG - Dieppe, NB
First off, HATS OFF to the WARC!  Fantastic job all the way around.   The facility was awesome, the volunteers you had were on top of everything -- the food and hospitality crew did a bang up job, and the presenters were great.   Professional job all the way around.

Down here in New England, we have a much larger event called NearFEST -- and I had just as much fun at your event than I do at NearFEST.   Being a Maritimer, it was so great to put a face to people and renew acquaintanceships from days past.

Total driving time for me is 9.5 hours each way -- but luckily,  I stayed with my old friend Andy, VE9DX in St. John to break up the drive.

I'll certainly be thinking of you again in the future.     I have DMR radios (plus the one I won!!), but my local DMR repeaters are just out of HT range.
Once I figure something out, I'll have to drop by and thank everyone over the radio!
Gerry Hull VE1RM / W1VE - Hancock, NH
It was apparent that a great deal of organization and effort had gone into this event and it paid dividends in just how seamlessly the event played out. The quality of the presentations was high with good participant interaction. The xyls are to be commended for their superb catering . In short, well organized. Well supported and a credit to the Westcumb club. Will be back next year. 73 de VE9ZY
Malcolm Smith VE9ZY - Tracadie NB
Jim - I have not heard anything but good things.
What a great time although the drive from Saint John was not great due to the heavy rain.  Sky really opened up from Moncton to Springhill.
The highlight for me would have to have been time with many old friends although the talks we great also.Please pass my thanks along to all involved.
Might I just make one comment. 
Personally I feel you could have uped the price.  That was by far the best bang for my buck in all my years of ham radio.
The BBQ appeared to be a HIT. Heard great comments.
The door prizes (gas cards) went over well. 
The folks from the Island to enjoy the possibility of a 1 in 12 chance ofthe draw for the bridge pass.!
Great idea's.
Already looking forward to another visit to Springhill.
Thank You again all.
Andy McLellan VE9DX
I think it would be pretty difficult to do a better job than you did, just a great day . After saying that just a few musings like maybe at the coffee, tea and the trimmins that were there on the table if you didn't have a volunteer to man the spot a donation box sitting there would gather some loot which might help to organize the next one.You never know what costs might appear. That's it I guess.
Gordie Morton VE9MM - Riverview NB
Great symposium. Some suggestions - provide an external amplified speaker that can be plugged into laptops. Move projector further from the screen to increase the screen size. Many thanks to the members of the WESTCUMB ARC for a superb job.
Bill Sproul VA1BIL - Wilmot NS
Thank you for you excellent organization and running of SMART... even better than last year! A super job! Thoroughly enjoyed the day! Just a presentation suggestion for next year: DMR - What it can do for you, how to get involved, how it operates, code plug writing and radios currently available and the current state of DMR in the Maritimes. Thank you all again for such a great SMART day and I look forward to next year's edition! 73 de VE1CHI, Jim C.

Jim Cleveland VE1CHI - Crowes Mills NS

Congratulations to all who helped out for the symposium, a superb event, very well organised and the food was great. I enjoyed everything. I would like to see a little more advanced study on digital radio (hotspots, repeaters - how to use and program) as a follow up on what I learned this year. I will be back next year. Thank you for a great experience.
Ken Williams VE9KW - Tracadie NB