Amherst, Nova Scotia
VE1WRC 147.285
 VE1AMH 145.190

WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

The WestCumb ARC is pleased to host the 5th 
Symposium for Maritime

Amateur Radio Technology
“To provide insight into the technical and procedural aspects of amateur radio operation.”

S.M.A.R.T. 2022

Here is a link from Robert Mannette VE1RMJ with multiple pictures of the Nova Scotia Public Safety Field Communications vehicles on display at SMART22. Click on each picture to enlarge.  CLICK HERE

On a cold rain/snow mix Saturday morning Apr.30th, 2022 the WestCumb ARC hosted the 5th annual Symposium for Maritime Amateur Radio Technicians at the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill NS.

After two years of cancellations due to COVID the event was nearly postponed again due to a rise in COVID cases but with the organizing committee making masks mandatory, it was decided to go ahead. There were only a few cancellations due to masking but many amateurs emailed me personally and thanked us at the event for mandating masks.

The event was set at a maximum 150 registered members and sold out in less than two weeks. Flea market tables also sold out quickly.

We had the most displays ever at SMART with tables representing Maritime Contest Club, Radio Amateurs of Canada, Maritime Lady Amateurs, Old Timers Club, Roger Stein VA1RST  from Halifax running the VE1-VE0 QSL Bureau and Douglas Silliker VY2DS from Summerside running the VE9/VY2 QSL Bureau. We were also expecting the Nova Scotia Amateur Radio Association (NSARA) but they had to cancel at the last moment due to a illness.

Everyone was treated to free coffee and tea when first arriving and everyone received a free barbecue lunch which included hamburgers, hot dogs, water and a soft drink.

There were eight classes during the day and also a presentation in the afternoon from Nova Scotia Public Safety Field Communications..

This was a real team effort to hold the event this year, losing seven regular volunteers but several new members stepped up.

The list is long of whom to thank so here goes. If I miss anyone my apologizes.

  • The Municipality of Cumberland for the donation of the Community center for the event. Eileen Davage Marketing Officer at the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Center who worked with us very closely to prepare the building for our use. Ron Maine and Mandy Hunter from Maintenance who were instrumental in helping us with any problems throughout the day.
  • The mayor of Cumberland County Murray Scott for the opening remarks in the morning.
  • Mike Johnson VE1MWJ who was the MC for the day and also worked tirelessly at obtaining funding for the event, buying of food and collecting the barbecues.
  • Mike Masters VE1ZB for helping Mike VE1MWJ with food items.
  • George Dewar VY2GF who looked after finding the presenters for SMART22.
  • Dana Rushton VE1VOX for getting the licenses for the raffle and 50/50 draws.
  • Kevin Burke VE1KEV for looking after the setup of the flea market / display tables and also working the barbecue.
  • Robert Mannette VE1RMJ for the setting up of computers in each class and working the barbecues.
  • Robert's girlfriend Amber who helped look after the raffle ticket table and helped give out the food during the lunch hour.
  • Ron Bickle VE1BIC for the setting up of sound systems and computers in each room, video recordings and taking all the official photos for SMART.
  • Tom Hughes VE1TWH for video recording the classes. and setting up a YouTube channel.
  • Jim Hannon VE1AFH for manning the canteen throughout the day for tea & coffee.
  • Mike Embree VE1MY who was looking after call-ins via ham radio throughout the morning on VE1WRC. Later in the day Mike also looked after the Old Timer's Table, WestCumb ARC table and helped out on the 50/50 table.
  • Ron Blue VE1BBB who worked the 50/50 table.
  • Terry & Sue Duncan VE1AS / VA1SIS  who looked after the Raffle tickets.
  • Frank Marks VE1FSM who as a new member to the WestCumb ARC looked after selling of items that had come our way lately from the wife of a former amateur radio operator.
  • Joe Clememts VY2JC/VE1JCC and his wife Tracy who looked after receiving the funds and passing out the name tags as amateurs entered the building in the morning. Joe and Tracy also helped give out the food during lunch hour. Tracy also drew all the tickets for the draws at the end of the day.
  • Jean-Pierre Ouellette VE9ADV from the Moncton ARC who helped out with the barbecues.
  • John Langille VE1CWJ who during lunch hour held a class outdoors in the snow/rain mix and showed his skills of making several satellite contacts on a pass including Greenland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, France, and Spain.
  • John Scott VE1JS was also there again this year looking after award verification and LOTW confirmation.

We would like to thank the presenters whom without them there would be no classes.

Craig Seaboyer, VE1DSS, Al Penny VO1NO, Craig MacKinnon VA1CM, Neil Hughes VE1YZ, Chris Pye VA1PYE, Jean-Paul LeBlanc VE9BK, Bill McMaster VY2WM, Fred Archibald VE1FA and Bill Karle VE1YY.

Thanks also go out to all the sponsors for the event including Scott Davis N3FJP for his annual donation of his amateur radio software package, Radioworld for their regular contributions of gift cards, Mike Embree VE1MY for his donation of an antenna, Craig Seaboyer VE1DSS and the Antigonish ARC for their donation of a Raspberry Pi kit, Moncton & Area ARC, Greenwood ARC, Kings County ARC, Loyalist City ARC and the Truro ARC for their donation of several gas cards, ICOM Canada and Yeasu USA for their ball caps and Nova Scotia Public Safety Field Communications for their donations.

The main event this year was the arrival of Nova Scotia Public Safety Field Communications who attending this year with two of their new communication vehicles. The team of Scott Hawkes VE1SLH, Al Cyples VE1CYP / VE1TMR and Mark Turner VA1TMR spent the day showing off the vehicles and answering any questions brought up by amateurs. At 2pm in the afternoon Scott gave a presentation to everyone in the arena and it was very well received.

Winners of the Grand Prizes were Lorne Anderson VE1BXK who won the 50/50. The other half of the 50/50 was donated this year to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Fund.

The three other Grand Prizes donated by the WestCumb ARC included a Diamond Vertical Duel Band Antenna won by Ken Holmes VE1UF, Yaesu FT-70DR portable Fusion radio won by Mike Caissie VE9MTV and Michael Harvey VE1MBH walked away with the Yaesu FTM-300D Mobile Fusion Radio.

Finally we would like to thank all the 127 amateurs who braved the weather, the price of fuel and still dealing with COVID to take in the event this year. Not one person complained about wearing masks.

Without all of you this event would not have happened.

Hope to see many of you again next year at SMART23.

Jim Langille VE1JBL


Call Sign
Craig Seaboyer
Raspberry Pi
 Al Penny
 Hign Altitude Balloons
 Bill Karle
 Computers & Amateur Radio
 Neil Hughes
 Chris Pye
 Learning Morse Code
 Jean-Paul LeBlanc
 Packet Radio for Emergency Communications
 Al Penny
 Radio Amateurs of Canada
 Craig MacKinnon
 Disabilities and Amateur Radio
 Bill McMaster
 Moon Bounce
  Frederick Archibald
 Restore Classic Radios

Offical Photos by Ron Bickle VE1BIC

This link will take you to all the photos taken by Ron VE1BIC at the 2022 SMART Symposium.


SMART22 - Opening Ceremonies

S.M.A.R.T. 2022 - Opening Ceremonies

 Door Prizes

PEI Bridge Pass (PEI hams only)
WestCumb ARC
  Therese Mair VY2TAM
PEI Bridge Pass (everyone)
WestCumb ARC
  Gordon Cotton VE9GC
 Raspberry pi Kit
 Antigonish ARC
  Nathalie St-Onge VE1NAT
N3FJP Software Registration Package
  Chris Murray VE1BOF
 Mike Embree VE1MY
  Misha LeBlanc VE9GIS
 $25.00 Gift Card
  Rodney Mann VY2CGA
 $25.00 Gift Card
  Jeff Tarkka / VE1XTC
 $25.00 Gift Card
  Bruce Sears / VE1VH
 $25.00 Gift Card
  Michel Mitchell / VE1MMP
  $25.00 Gas Card
  Raymond LeBlanc / VE9RA
  $25.00 Gas Card
  Sharon Moores Henry / VE1TH
  $25.00 Gas Card
  Doug Henry / VE1ZG
  $25.00 Gas Card
Moncton & Area ARC
  Steve Jenkins / VE1SV
  $25.00 Gas Card
Moncton & Area ARC
  Tobie Boutot / VE9XAB
  $25.00 Gas Card
Moncton & Area ARC
  Tim Delaney / VA1TIM
 $20.00 Tim Horton Gift Card
  Alastair Cox / VE1PAB
 $20.00 Tim Horton Gift Card
  Greenwood ARC
  Todd Cameron / VE1RTK
 Yaesu Fusion Ball Cap
 Yaesu USA
  Peter Whalen / VE1WIN
 Yaesu Fusion Ball Cap
 Yaesu USA
  Jayden Boudreau / VA1ALO
 ICOM Ball Cap
 ICOM Canada
  Joe Clements / VY2JC
 ICOM Ball Cap
 ICOM Canada
  Bill McMaster / VY2WM
 ICOM Ball Cap
 ICOM Canada
  Selina Trainor / VY2OL
 $25.00 Gas Card
 $25.00 Gas Card
 Truro ARC

50/50 - Winner - 50% goes to Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Fund

Lorne Anderson VE1BXK - Parrsboro NS

 Grand Prizes

Tickets $2 each / 3 for $5   Tickets available at event.  

 WestCumb ARC
  Michael Harvey VE1MBH
 WestCumb ARC
  Mike Caissie / VE9MCA-VE9MTV
 WestCumb ARC
  Ken Holmes / VE1UF

Registered members for SMART 22

VA1AAB    Dave    Halifax NS
VA1ALO    Jayden    Lawrencetown NS
VA1AVR    Al    Aylesford NS
VA1CBC    Borden    Northport NS
VA1CM    Craig    Dartmouth NS
VA1DWG    Dewaine    New Harbour NS
VA1HOT    Pawel    Bedford NS
VA1PKK    Paul    Williamswood NS
VA1PYE    Chris    Lunenburg NS
VA1RF    Matthew    Halifax NS
VA1RFJ    Ross    Halifax NS
VA1SIS    Sue    Pugwash NS
VA1TIM    Tim    Fort Ellis NS
VA1YL    Helen    Port Williams NS
VE1AFH    Jim    Brookdale NS
VE1AHF    Doug    Antigonish NS
VE1AIC    Ron    Cornwall PE
VE1AJF    Gordon    Osborne Corner NB
VE1AJK    Jason    Beaver Bank NS
VE1AS    Terry    Pugwash NS
VE1ASE    Mike    Quispamsis NB
VE1BBB    Ron    Amherst NS
VE1BFW    Raymond    New Glasgow NS
VE1BIC    Ron    Amherst NS
VE1BOF    Chris    Auburn NS
VE1BXK    Lorne    Parrsboro NS
VE1BZE    Lysle    Kentville NS
VE1BZZ    Brian    Nictaux NS
VE1CM    John    Summerside PE
VE1CNS    Bryne    Lake Echo NS
VE1COR    Andrew    Enfield NS
VE1CWJ    John    Folly Mountain NS
VE1CYP    Al    Bridgewater NS
VE1DIY    Darrell    Nictaux West NS
VE1DSS    Craig    Antigonish NS
VE1FA    Fred    Port Williams NS
VE1FSM    Frank    Amherst NS
VE1GRE    Greg    Chester Grant NS
VE1GVY    Gord    Fall River NS
VE1HUL    Dave    Truro NS
VE1HUM    Ian    Wolfville NS
VE1II    Bruce     Truro NS
VE1IQ    Brian    Greenwood NS
VE1JBL    Jim    Tidnish Bridge NS
VE1JCS    James    Antigonish NS
VE1JEZ    Jeremy    Antigonish NS
VE1JMB    John    Hubley NS
VE1JS    John    Sandy Cove NS
VE1JSG    Jon    Amherst NS
VE1JSO    Jerry    Plympton NS
VE1KEV    Kevin    Amherst NS
VE1KR    David    Brookdale NS
VE1LG    Doug    Kingston NS
VE1LRL    Larry    Halifax NS
VE1LV    Hal    Valley NS
VE1MAG    Mike    Dartmouth NS
VE1MBH    Michael    Truro NS
VE1MMP    Michel    Dartmouth NS
VE1MWJ    Mike    Amherst Head NS
VE1MY    Mike    Amherst NS
VE1NAT    Nathalie    Edmundston NB
VE1NEL    Brett    Truro NS
VE1PAB    Alastair    Fletchers Lake NS
VE1PDL    Ken    Dartmouth NS
VE1PHL    Phil    Wilmot NS
VE1PS    Peter    Beechville NS
VE1PX    Jason    Dartmouth NS
VE1QET    Quentin    Dartmouth NS
VE1RL    Ritchie    Halifax NS
VE1RMJ    Robert    Oxford NS

VE1RTK    Todd    Londonderry NS
VE1SRH    Sharla    Wilmot NS
VE1SV    Steve    Springhill NS
VE1TH    Sharon    Timberlea NS
VE1TRI    Barry    Grand Lake NS
VE1TWH    Tom    Bedford NS
VE1UF    Ken    Bible Hill NS
VE1USE    Julie    Stellarton NS
VE1VH    Bruce     Amherst NS
VE1WIN    Peter    Bedford NS
VE1WPS    Bill    West Pennant NS
VE1XTC    Jeff    Victoria Vale NS
VE1YY    Bill    Lantz NS
VE1YZ    Neil    St. Margarets Bay NS
VE1ZG    Doug    Timberlea NS
VE1ZX    Brad    Parrsboro NS
VE9ADV    Jean-Pierre    Dieppe NB
VE9ASB    Larry    Moncton NB
VE9BK    Jean-Paul    Lutes Mountain NB
VE9CAM    Cam    Shediac NB
VE9CDN    Robert    Fredericton NB
VE9CU    David    Moncton NB
VE9CUB    Don    Moncton NB
VE9DSO    Doug    Quispamsis NB
VE9EMS    Denis    St. Martins NB
VE9FI    Russ    Lakeside NB
VE9GC    Gordon    Notre-Dame NB
VE9GIS    Misha    Moncton NB
VE9HV    Rod    Moncton NB
VE9IM    Ian    Quispamsis NB
VE9KM    Rob    Sackville NB
VE9ML    Marcel    Moncton NB
VE9MTV    Mike    Irishtown NB
VE9MY    Len    Baxter's Corner NB
VE9NW    Gilles    Memramcook NB
VE9OSK    Oscar    Dieppe NB
VE9PIN    Bert    Edmundston NB
VE9PKV    Pravin    Sackville NB
VE9QLE    Stephen    Fredericton NB
VE9RA    Raymond    Memramcook NB
VE9RSH    Reg    Berry Mills NB
VE9SC    Stephen    Moncton NB
VE9SDH    Scott    Sussex Corner NB
VE9SF    Steve    Saint Philippe NB
VE9SMA    Stephen    Moncton NB
VE9VEA    Vern    Saumarez NB
VE9XAB    Tobie    Shediac NB
VE9XYZ    Kevin    Quispamsis NB
VY2CAW    William    Charlottetown PE
VY2CGA    Rodney    Kensington PE
VY2CRV    Chris    Charlottetown PE
VY2DCR    Derek    Summerside PE
VY2DS    Doug    Summerside PE
VY2GF    George    Cardigan PE
VY2HF    Brent    Stratford PE
VY2JC    Joe    Bloomfield PE
VY2OL    Selina    Morell PE
VY2OM    Darrell    West St. Peters PE
VY2RU    Ken    Clinton PE
VY2TAM    Therese    Georgetown PE
VY2WM    Bill    Charlottetown PE
ZZZZZZ    Heidi    Charlottetown PE
ZZZZZZ    Rajan     Amherst NS
ZZZZZZ    Ambyr     Belle River PE
ZZZZZZ    Susan    Berry Mills NB
ZZZZZZ    Susan    Charlottetown PE
ZZZZZZ    Tracey    Bloomfield PE
ZZZZZZ    Dakota    Charlottetown PE
ZZZZZZ    Brad    Charlottetown PE


Super 8
 40 Load Amherst Dr. Amherst NS
Comfort Inn
 143 South Albion St. Amherst NS
Parkview Inn
 4670 Main St. Oxford NS
Pied Piper Motel
 19038 Highway 2 Nappan NS
Tantramar Motel
 4 Robson Ave, Sackville, NB