Amherst, Nova Scotia
VE1WRC 147.285
 VE1AMH 145.190

WestCumb  Amateur  Radio Club  VE1WRC

  Serving Westmorland County New Brunswick & Cumberland County Nova Scotia since 1980

Westmorland / Cumberland County ARC 2 Meter Net. Monday evenings 8pm.

Net Manager:

Mike Masters VE1ZB

I can be reached at the following: 
Sugarloaf repeater 145.350 
902-664-6537 voice or text message 
902-447-3000 voice (leave message) 

Net Procedures



UP LINKING PROCEDURE originating with Amherst 

Start linking the repeaters to the backbone of the MAVCOM System

Link Amherst VE1WRC        154*

Link to Springhill VE1SPR         130*

Link to Sugarloaf VE1BHS         132*

Link to Summerside VE1CFR      124*

Link to Charlottetown  VE1CRA      122*

Link to Hammonds Plains  VE1PKT    138*

Link to Nuttby VE1TRO         112*

Link to Harmony VE1HAR         104*

Link to New Glasgow    VE1HR    190*

Link to Moncton VE9SHM        102#

VE1CDN repeater is hard linked to VE1PKT so only necessary to link PKT

VE1NET is hard linked to VE1WRC

VE9SHM Moncton is hard linked to VE9TCF Fundy Park

Good evening this is VE1_________ with the Westmorland Cumberland County ARC 2 Metre Net. This net meets every Monday night at 20:00 hours.

This is a social net but please direct all traffic through the net controller.  All Amateurs are welcomed and encouraged to check in.

First we will have a few announcements - Club Web Site: WWW.WESTCUMB.CA, Exercise Handshake, Flea Markets, Silent Keys, Club Brunch, Next meeting, Amateur related activities, ETC

(Please take it upon yourself to gather information for announcements)


My call is Victor Echo One____________________, my name is _______________(spell in phonetics)

Located in ____________________, NS

Good evening to all the scanners listeners.

We will take a standby now for any one that needs to get away early, one at a time please.



I would like to thank each and everyone that checked into the net tonight. Also an appreciative  thank you to the repeater owners and technicians who keep the system maintained and running. This gives us this hour or so on Monday nights to conduct the Westcumb 2 Meter Net. I will be back in 30 seconds or so to begin down linking the repeaters.

DOWN LINKING PROCEDURE:  down link in reversing order, no need to bring up Amherst to the backbone each time like we did on Sugarloaf.

Moncton VE1SHM        103#

New Glasgow VE1HR    191*

Harmony VE1HAR          105*

Nuttby VE1TRO          113*

Hammonds Plains  VE1PKT 139*

Charlottetown    VE1CRA     123*

Summerside VE1CFR     125*

Sugarloaf  VE1BHS         133*

Springhill  VE1SPR          131*

Amherst  VE1WRC          155*